Join our live stream: Discover our climate-controlled and clean-room storage solutions

New Modula automated storage solutions for climate-controlled and clean-room environments to be introduced on July 14 live stream

Modula, a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions, will showcase its latest products during a 30-minute live stream July 14 at 11 a.m. EDT. The stream – available on both YouTube and LinkedIn – will introduce three new vertical lift modules:

  • Modula Climate Control – for storing items in a temperature-controlled environment.
    Modula Climate Control is a variation on the Modula Lift that provides controlled temperature and humidity, allowing the continuation of cold chain logistics and protecting the store material from deterioration. It can ensure that drugs and medications are stored in a temperature range between 36°F and 7° F, plus or minus 2° F (2°C and +25°C, plus or minus 1°C). Moreover, it controls relative humidity values to not exceed 5%.
  • Modula Clean Room – for items that must be kept free of damaging elements such as dust and dirt.
    The Modula Clean Room storage system keeps stored materials free of contamination. It is designed to limit the generation of dust and particulates by the storage system during its operation as well as limit the deposits of dust and particulates already present in the cleanroom that may enter the storage unit.
  • Modula Dry – for storage when humidity must be kept to a constant minimum.
    Modula Dry is a new Modula addition to the automated storage solutions that keeps the relative humidity below 5%

The new Climate-controlled and clean-room solutions will be introduced by Massimiliano Gigli, Market Operations Director, and Claudio Formaggio, R&D Manager. 

Modula vertical lift modules have long provided full traceability of inventory, along with significant gains in space consolidation and overall operational efficiency. These additions to the lineup expand the range of solutions, improving the logistics and protection of goods needed by such industries and pharmaceuticals, food, electronics, and plastics.

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