Storage System Customization Options

Modula offers a variety of add-on options to take further advantage of the capabilities our main products provide. These options drive productivity, ease administrative tasks, and enhance the work environment.

To view the available options, first select the Modula storage solution you are interested in and then browse the different options categories.

Storage Systems Customization Options At-a-Glance

All of our stoarge systems come with various options for augmenting the material handling, order picking, automation, and worker satefy environment. Here are all the options at a glance.

Available optionsLiftSlimOnePickHorizontal
X-Axis LED bar
Alphanumeric LED bar
Laser pointer
Badge reader
EKS reader
RFID reader
Picking cart
External picking monitors
Piece counting scale
Label printer
Barcode reader
Sliding console
Telescopic internal bay
Tray removal and transportation cart
Partitions, dividers, and tray extensions
Modula Green
ESD protection
Payload distribution plates
End picking button
Foot bar task complete
External bay light
Electrified tray
Robot interface

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