The most compact VLM in the market Modula Slim

Designed to fit warehouses with limited floor space, Slim boosts productivity, accuracy, and inventory management within a minimal footprint. All the Benefits of a VLM with the Footprint of a Vertical Carousel.
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Modula Slim Benefits

Space Saving Icon, Aerospace & Naval Industry warehouse Automation
The Smallest of Footprints: As the most compact VLM in the industry, Slim takes up only 32.29 square feet of floor space. Less than 66″ deep.
Double the Load Capacity: Slim has twice the load capacity of typical vertical carousels (55,115 lbs vs. 27,557 lbs, or 25,000 kg vs. 12,500 kg)
Picking Accuracy Icon
Improve Picking Accuracy: Slim increases picking accuracy through alphanumeric LED bars and automated pointing lasers.
Low Energy Consumption: With a choice of a three-phase (480V) or single-phase (220V) power supply, Slim consumes less than 1.2kW/h
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Quick to install, easy to learn

  • Intuitive Controls: Your operators will benefit from an intuitive touchscreen interface and picking aids, all integrated into the design
  • Easy to Learn Design: In just a few days, your staff will be up to speed and taking advantage of Slim’s many benefits
  • Ready to Run in 48 Hours: Slim is built on a pre-assembled base module that ships quickly and can be installed in your facility in 48 hours. It’s also easy to bring online and connect with your company’s existing inventory management systems

Ergonomic Design That Operators Love

  • Enhances Operator Efficiency and Comfort: Delivers materials to operators quickly and at proper height
  • Unmatched Picking Accuracy: Enhanced by available alphanumeric LED bars and automated pointing lasers

Why Choose an Outdated Technology When You Can Have a Slim? Discover Key Benefits

Modula Slim vs Vertical Carousel

No Balance Issue

Modula Slim can accommodate any loads without the imbalance issues found in a vertical carousel.

More Flexibility

Unlike the vertical carousel shelves, Modula Slim tray can be easily adjust to accommodate items of different sizes and weights.

Higher Payload Capacity

Modula Slim has twice the load capacity of typical vertical carousels

Better Storage Density

Modula Slim measures items as the tray is put away and adjust the location to maximize storage density.

Picking Speed and Accuracy

Vertical carousels require the entire set of shelves to move. The Slim save you time by moving just the tray holding the item or goods

Security and Reduced Risk

As the Slim delivers one tray at a time, the other products are kept secure in the unit. This eliminated unnecessary product movements and reduce risks of damages

Fast Installation Time

Slim is built on a pre-assembled base module and can be installed in your facility in 48 hours.

Low Energy Consumption

Slim consumes less than 1.2kW/h

Modula Slim Customization Options

A range of customization options are available for the Modula Slim to customize it for different operations. Your Modula dealer can help you determine which accessories are best for your situation.

Boost Your Slim with End-To-End Inventory and Warehouse Management

Modula provides a wide range of warehouse management, remote support and analytics software that seamlessly integrate with your choice of ERP or DMS and deliver complete inventory management solutions.
Modula WMS Base Ideal for small or growing warehouse footprints, free for life with any Modula unit purchase.
Modula WMS Premium An advanced, end-to-end inventory and warehouse management solution for larger operations.
Modula WMS

Modula Slim Technical Highlights

Unit heights
7’11”–22’12” (2,400–7,000 mm)
Unit height increment
3.94” (100 mm)
Tray storage pitch
1” (25 mm)
Tray widths
51, 75 or 98” (1,300, 1,900 or 2,500 mm)
Tray depths
16.73” (425 mm) for all models
Maximum tray load capacity
771.68 lbs (350 kg) for all models
Unit footprint
66.33, 89.96, or 113.58” W X 65.90” D (1,650 or 2,050 mm W x 2,376 mm D)
Modula Slim - All the benefits of a VLM in a footprint of a vertical carousel

All The Benefits Of A VLM With The Footprint Of A Vertical Carousel.

Boosts your Productivity, Accuracy, And Inventory Management Within A Minimal Footprint