Modula Software Integrations

Connecting Today’s Warehouse Operations with your chosen ERP, WMS, or DMS


As a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions, we know that flexibility and control are critical for our customer’s success.

Our commitment to empowering our clients has led us to develop and offer advanced integration options that seamlessly connect today’s warehouse operations with your chosen ERP, WMS, or DMS, and can be tailored to your unique application

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Modula Software integrations

Our Software Integrations Solutions

Eliminate Manual Data Entry, Reduce Errors and Make Your Workflow More Efficient with Our Integration Solutions
Modula Software integrations with ERP
ERP integrations
Seamless ERP Integration and efficient order management, all in one easy to use software.
Modula Software Integrations with your DMS
DMS integrations
Avoid the custom, lengthy integration pitfalls with our end-to-end DMS integration.
Modula Software Integrations with your WMS
WMS Integrations
We offer two options to integrate our advanced storage systems into your existing Wms.

Integrate Modula Software with Your ERP of Choice

Efficiency at its Best: Experience the benefits of seamless integration

Integration with your ERP System

Seamless Integration and Efficient Order Management, All in One Software.

Modula WMS Premium is designed to seamlessly integrate with your ERP system, allowing for an efficient management of orders and inventory between your ERP and Modula automated storage systems. It also supports manual picking operations.

Available integration options for our customers include:

  • Integrations with SAP, SAP WM, Baan, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Epicor, and more
  • Interfaces’ support using ASCII, REST API, ODBC, XML and more
Modula Software Integration - Structure

Integrate Modula Software with Your DMS of Choice

Avoid the custom, lengthy integration pitfalls with Modula end-to-end DMS integration solutions

Integration with your DMS

Field-Tested Integrations for Automotive & Industrial Dealers

Modula offers years of experience in providing end-to-end solutions for automotive and industrial dealers, with pre-built, field-tested integrations with all leading Dealer Management Systems (DMSs) such as CDK Global, Dealertrack, Karmak, Reynolds & Reynolds and more.

With the WMS-to-DMS integration, orders are automatically transferred from DMS to the Modula units, eliminating manual entry and enhancing speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

Modula Software - DMS Integration Structure

Modula’s DMS Integration: Key Benefits

Streamline Your Dealer Management System
Field-tested integrations with CDK Global, Karmak, Reynolds & Reynolds, Dealertrack Technologies.
Increased efficiency and accuracy through Modula WMS software integration.
Seamless, real-time order processing through an approved DMS interface.
No code changes or installation in your DMS to maintain reliability, security of your data.
Proactive alerts for DMS changes to prevent disruptions to your operations.
Easy and quick installation. No special training required.
Modula Software - DMS Integration: Benefits

Already Using a Modern WMS? No Problem

We Offer Two Options to Connect and Integrate Our Advanced Storage Systems into Your Existing Wms and Operations

Modula WMS Driver

Inventory Management Simplified

The WMS Driver enables customers to manage their inventory stored in the Modula units using their own ERP or WMS. Orders can be sent directly from the ERP to the Modula units, via an intermediate database or text file. This includes lists of trays to be moved and their associated picking data. When the Driver receives the request from the ERP, the operator can view and execute the orders directly from the Copilot console.

A Dedicated Warehouse Software Support Team

Our global network of Modula experts are available to assist you with:
Full software configuration and installation so you can quickly start reaping the benefits of our solutions.
Complete integration with your ERP or DMS system so all your systems work in sync without manual intervention.
Customized functions tailored to meet your unique requirements and business processes.
Proven training so you can manage all processes and keep optimizing performance.
Our dedicated team of warehouse management systems' experts
Modula Lift

Modula Software Solutions in Case Studies

Discover our software solutions in action in these case studies
Video Case Study
Subaru of New England, Increases Storage Efficiency with VLMs and Put-To-Light System

With 9 VLMs and a put-to-light batch picking system, Subaru of New England can process up to 60 orders at a time, with picking rates of over 1,600 lines per day.

Video Case Study
Global O-Ring and Seal Speeds Shipping with Modula VLMs

The company bought three Modula vertical lift modules that provided 12,000 square feet of storage space on just 465 square feet of floor space, reducing their operational footprint by 90%.

Video Case Study
Sunny Europe Manages Complex Order Picking Workflows

As a result, productivity jumped from 35 lines an hour in the manual system to 150 or 220 lines an hour. Sunny Europe can manage 3,000 lines a day with close to zero mispicks.

Modula Software Solutions Tailored to Specific Needs

Designed to meet the needs of today’s complex manufacturing, distribution, retail and logistics environments
Modula WMS Software Packes
Modula Software Solutions

Our advanced warehouse software solutions empower your company to take complete control of your supply chain.

Modula WMS
Modula WMS

One of the most intuitive and advanced Warehouse management system on the market. A complete end-to-end WMS solution for your business.

Modula Cloud
Modula Cloud

Manage your operations, from any device, anywhere in the world, with our powerful Modula Cloud platform.

Want to blend your ERP or DMS with your warehouse operations?

Choose the only WMS pre-built to do just that.