Boost accuracy and efficiency with Modula picking solutions

Easy to set up and intuitive to operate, our picking solutions boost your batch and multi-order process. Pair with Modula automated storage solutions, they further drive order accuracy, efficiency and reliability.
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Picking Solutions Benefits

Visual, intuitive, and easy to implement for a fast and efficient order fulfillment.
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Improve picking speed: By decreasing the searching time for items and replacing pick tickets and shipping lists.
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Improve picking accuracy: Light devices guide users, making picking accurated and eliminating errors.
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Improve inventory management: Paperless picking solutions offer a real-time view of current and forecast inventory, increasing profitability.
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Simple and intuitive solutions: Computer-aided picking and inventory tracking improves worker effectiveness and satisfaction.
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Increase profitability: An accurate view of inventory helps prevent over-or under-ordering, saving costs and improving overall performance.
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Easy learning curve to operate: Thanks to a simple and easy-to-follow user guidance, the training period is very short.
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Modula Put To Light

How Put to Light works

Break large product quantities into individual orders

Put to Light Systems, also referred to as ‘scan and sort,”  allow you to break large product quantities into individual orders. Light devices indicate the location on a station or cart and the number of items needed for the order.

Each time an item is slotted into the correct position, the user presses a confirmation button to indicate the task is complete.

Modula Put to Light and picking solutions

Designed to Maximize Efficiency

Fast and efficient order picking

By picking and putting multiple orders, operators save time and don’t need to perform cumbersome manual tasks, such as reviewing pick tickets or paper lists.

Thanks to the integration with the Modula WMS, all operations are monitored, offering a real-time view of order status and inventory.

Modula Picking Solutions

Pair the Put to Light System with
our Picking Stations and Carts

For an automated, easy-to-execute batch or multi-order process, you can pair our
Put to Light System with the Modula Picking Station and Picking Cart
Modula picking solution: picking station
Modula Picking Stations

The Modula Picking Station is ideal for operations with predetermined put positions.

Modula Picking Cart
Modula Picking Cart

Need to move retrievals to different locations? Use the Modula Picking Cart – a Put to Light station on wheels.

Even more Flexibility with the Modula Picking App

With the new Modula Picking App, operators can freely move around the warehouse while keeping all processes instantly updated and under control.

A person holding a mobile device showing the interface of the picking app.

Pair Our Picking Stations with Modula Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

To further drive order accuracy, efficiency and reliability.
Modula Lift
Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities, the Lift is used by businesses everywhere to modernize their operations.
Modula Slim
Modula Slim is the perfect choice for smaller settings in which floor space is at a premium
Modula Horizontal Carousel
Horizontal carousels are ideal for high-speed order fulfillment applications and in any low-ceiling environment

Boost Your Picking Solutions with End-To-End Inventory and Warehouse Management

Modula warehouse management system (WMS) provides a complete inventory management, seamlessly integrated with our customer’s choice of ERP or DMS.
Pre-configured to readily integrate with your ERP or DMS
User-friendly interfaces and short training times
Complete visibility into inventory and operations
Eliminates Pick/Put errors and increases efficiency
Integration with RF scanners and external picking aids
Expandable to grow with your business as needed

Modula Lift

Modula Picking Solutions In Case Studies

Discover our picking solutions in action in these case studies
Video Case Study
Subaru of New England, Increases Storage Efficiency with VLMs and put-to-light system

With 9 VLMs and a put-to-light batch picking system, Subaru of New England can process up to 60 orders at a time, with picking rates of over 1,600 lines per day.

Video Case Study
Industrial Automation boosts picking efficiency with Modula Lift and Put-to-Light System

With 1 Modula Lift and a put-to-light batch picking system, Industrial Automation increases picking speed and accuracy and continues growing.

Case Study
GF Machining Solutions keeps up with growing inventory and orders

With 3 VLMs and a put-to-light batch picking system, GF Machining maintains a 99% same-day shipping rate and stores it growing inventory in 50% less space

Want to improve the performance of your picking operations?

Boosting accuracy, efficiency and reliability with Modula picking solutions