Modula Robot Interface

Maximize Your Productivity with Modula Solution and Anthropomorphic Robots

Anthropomorphic robots are designed to mimic human-like movements and behavior. When integrated with the Modula Vertical Lift Module, they can take over repetitive and time-consuming tasks, reducing labor costs, increasing productivity while also eliminating errors and inefficiencies.

This seamless combination of  technology ensures fast and accurate order fulfillment and streamlines inventory management.

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Modula Robot Interface

Modula Integration with Robots

Seamless Integration with our Robot Interface Kit & WMS Premium Software

Modula automated storage solutions can seamlessly interface with anthropomorphic robots using our Robot Interface Kit.

With WMS Premium software, the Modula unit and the robot can communicate via a standard protocol, with the same command structure used for both solutions.

The Robot Interface Kit manages three output signals from the Modula to the robot and two input signals from the robot to the Modula, ensuring optimized and efficient material handling operations.

Modula Robot Interface

Modula Integration with Robots on AMRs

Even more flexibility with Robotic Arms on an AMR and Modula Units

Modula’s products can interface with a mobile robot (AMR) equipped with a robotic collaborative arm, providing companies with even greater flexibility in their warehouse operations.

The AMR’s mobility provides the robotic arm with the ability to easily pick up, place, and transport items from/to the Modula units and other areas of the warehouse. This solution widens the range of uses for many different applications.

Modula Robot Interface: Modula's products integrated with an AMR with a robotic collaborative arm

Modula Robotics Integrations

Revolutionize Your Logistics Operations with Modula Robotics Integrations
Modula Robot Interface
Modula Robotics Integrations

Modula’s products can be seamlessly integrated with various types of robots to further automate logistics processes.

Modula Integration with AMRs

The seamless integration between Modula and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for a semi or fully automated picking & replenishment operations.

Want to improve the performance of your picking operations?

Boosting accuracy, efficiency and reliability with Modula Robot Interface