Modula WMS Packages

Options Tailored to Meet Your Warehouse’s Specific Needs

Modula WMS offers a complete end-to-end warehouse management software solution, with options tailored to meet your specific needs.

The WMS Base is a streamlined solution for small warehouse operations and provides the essential tools to manage your inventory. On the other hand, the WMS Premium offers a wide range of advanced features for complete inventory and warehouse management, making it ideal for larger businesses looking to optimize their operations.

Both packages provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

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Modula WMS - warehouse management system

Modula WMS Base and Modula WMS Premium

Optimize Your Warehouse Operations with the Right WMS Package
WMS Base Packages
WMS Base
Suited for small or growing warehouse and included with a purchase of any Modula unit.
WMS Premium
An powerful, end-to-end inventory and warehouse management, with advanced features as add-ons.

Modula WMS Base

Efficient Inventory Management for Small Warehouses

The Modula WMS Base is specifically designed for small or growing warehouse operations.
It is the perfect solution for businesses that are looking for an easy-to-use, yet powerful software package that can help them improve their inventory and automate the most critical processes. The package includes all the essential tools needed to manage your inventory and it’s included with all Modula automated solutions.

WMS Base Packages

WMS Base – Key Features

Ideal for small or growing operations to improve efficiency and gain greater control over key processes. Key Features includes:
Warehouse location management using a graphical tool
Physical inventory management
Real-time, automated order management and execution
Advanced security with identity systems to prevent unauthorized access
Inventory visibility down to specific items and trays
Manually import/export WMS data to the customer’s ERP or DMS system
Modula WMS Packages

Modula WMS Premium

Optimize Your entire Supply Chain with an All-in-One WMS Solution 

The WMS Premium is an all-in-one warehouse software solution, ideal for larger operations looking to control and optimize their entire supply chain. Designed to operate Modula’s automated storage solutions or as a stand-alone software in traditional warehouses, Modula WMS Premium seamlessly interfaces with all DMS and ERP. Building on the basic functions of WMS Base, WMS Premium offers several advanced add ons and functionalities.

WMS Premium – Key Features

Enhancing Efficiency and Control with Advanced Features and Functionalities
Dynamic warehouse status monitoring, management and reporting
Just-in-time inventory management for optimal supply chain performance
Automated order picking. Inventory tracking and management down to the subcode, pack type and expiration date
Automated item-compartment allocation and dynamic location management.
Automated import/export WMS data to the customer’s ERP or DMS system
Extensive analytics and custom reporting
Modula Warehouse Software Solutions

Modula WMS Premium – Additional Modules

Unlocking the full potential of your inventory management system with Modula WMS Premium add on modules

Advanced Item Management

The advanced item management module provides additional features for managing items, including pre-defined orders’s management replicated on demand as required, item security, the ability to associate images with products, grouping items into families or categories for advanced search and filtering, and the use of additional attributes for a more detailed and accurate item and order classification.

Advanced Picking Module

The Advanced Picking Module enhances the capabilities of the WMS Premium by providing additional features such as packing and assembly kit list management and automatic compartment creation during refilling. It also includes tools for managing locations, picking carts, and Put to Light. Additionally, the module allows for management of serial codes, consolidation areas, and boxed items.

Modula Dashboard

The Modula dashboard is a real-time, customizable digital interface that provides an at-a-glance view of your facility’s operations. The user-friendly interface can be accessed from a PC or mobile device and displays order status, item and picking statistics, and more. It is designed to work with the Modula WMS, but can also be configured to integrate data from external sources

Manual Warehouse Module

The Manual Warehouse Management Module is a useful addition to the WMS Premium for facilities that have both automated and manual areas. It features a user-friendly graphical interface that allows users to easily control and manage all manual operations such as picking and distributing materials based on availability. Users can also handle the transfer of materials between the different parts of the warehouse or the materials coming in from the receiving area

Modula Mobile Picking App

Available for Android devices, The Mobile Picking App is designed to streamline picking and replenishment operations in manual warehouses, but can also be used to control Modula Units. Integrating seamlessly with the Modula WMS, the app allows operators to access all necessary information from anywhere in the facility. With its user-friendly interface, the app also includes a built-in barcode reader, enabling operators to scan and track items directly from their mobile device, increasing efficiency by eliminating the need for paper. The Mobile Picking App requires the manual warehouses license



IDOC – SAP Control

The Module enables an efficient exchange of data between SAP WMS and Modula WMS using IDOC. it requires the SAP R3 version with the WM module

Warehouse KPI - Benefits
Warehouse KPI - Benefits
Warehouse KPI - Benefits
Warehouse KPI - Benefits
Warehouse KPI - Benefits
Modula Driver
Modula Driver
Designed to integrate Modula products with your current warehouse management system, the software ensures that the host WMS knows the location of items to be picked or refilled.
Modula Link
Acting as a communications server, Modula Link tool allows your current warehouse management system to directly control your Modula units

Already Using a Modern WMS? No Problem

We Offer Two Options to Connect and Integrate Our Advanced Storage Systems into Your Existing Wms and Operations

A Dedicated Warehouse Software Support Team

Our global network of Modula experts are available to assist you with:
Full software configuration and installation so you can quickly start reaping the benefits of our solutions.
Complete integration with your ERP or DMS system so all your systems work in sync without manual intervention.
Customized functions tailored to meet your unique requirements and business processes.
Proven training so you can manage all processes and keep optimizing performance.
Our dedicated team of warehouse management systems' experts
Modula Lift

Modula Software Solutions in Case Studies

Discover our software solutions in action in these case studies
Video Case Study
Subaru of New England, Increases Storage Efficiency with VLMs and put-to-light system

With 9 VLMs and a put-to-light batch picking system, Subaru of New England can process up to 60 orders at a time, with picking rates of over 1,600 lines per day.

Video Case Study
Global O-Ring and Seal Speeds Shipping with Modula VLMs

The company bought three Modula vertical lift modules that provided 12,000 square feet of storage space on just 465 square feet of floor space, reducing their operational footprint by 90%.

Video Case Study
Sunny Europe Manages Complex Order Picking Workflows

As a result, productivity jumped from 35 lines an hour in the manual system to 150 or 220 lines an hour. Sunny Europe can manage 3,000 lines a day with close to zero mispicks.

Modula Software Solutions Tailored to Specific Needs

Designed to meet the needs of today’s complex manufacturing, distribution, retail and logistics environments
Modula WMS Software Packes
Modula Software Solutions

Our advanced warehouse software solutions empower your company to take complete control of your supply chain.

Modula Software Integrations
Modula Software Integrations

Proven, field-tested software integrations with all existing ERP, DMS and WMS. The only pre-built integration for today’s leading DMSs

Modula Cloud
Modula Cloud

Manage your operations, from any device, anywhere in the world, with our powerful Modula Cloud platform.