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Integration with MiR’s Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

In any warehouse or production facility, it is essential to have an efficient storage and materials handling system, for fast and accurate picking and fulfillment operations. Automation, managed by simple and intuitive software, is the key to achieving streamlined processes while ensuring a profitable and productive operation.
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Modula’s Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)

Modula’s vertical lift modules (VLMs) are fully automated high density vertical storage systems that take up a minimum footprint by taking advantage of high ceilings.

Items can be stored up to 53 feet high in a safe and secure unit that automatically delivers them to an operator with a click on the user-friendly copilot or scan of a barcode.

No more time wasted searching for items, the right part is delivered to the right person at the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots, known as AMRs, are intelligent robots that can move around an environment independently and perform tasks efficiently while taking the fastest possible route.

AMRs can navigate their way through a warehouse without the need for a human operator, thanks to their advanced sensors, artificial intelligence software, and digital mapping of the warehouse enabling them to know where they are at all times.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

The Advantages of Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

Safety, Productivity, Flexibility & Software: The Advantages of Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)
Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Safety and Ergonomics
Safety and ergonomics
Automation can take over the time-consuming tasks allowing operators to focus on more value-added work. They can also handle tasks that could be dangerous to or not possible for humans.
Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Modularity And Scalability, Aerospace & Naval Industry warehouse Automation
Modularity And Scalability
VLMs and AMRs are very modular and ideal in situations of growth or seasonal peaks, allowing for easy adjustments in the operations. Businesses can expand their scale in progressive stages.
Quick Installation - warehouse optimization
Quick Installation
Adapting to the needs of each customer, both technologies can be implemented very quickly within an existing warehouse, without requiring any structural modifications.
Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Productivity And Accuracy - warehouse optimization
Productivity And Accuracy
By taking over time-consuming and error-prone processes, these solutions dramatically increase productivity and accuracy, making possible to fulfill more orders, more efficiently in less time.
Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Flexibility
Equipped with VLMs & AMRs, operators can easily switch from manual to automated without disrupting service. Ideal for situations with demand peaks or when operators are not available.
Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Native Software Integration
Native Software Integration
Modula’s WMS software interacts natively with the AMR’s software, making the integration of the two systems seamless, resulting in fast setup and streamlined inventory management.

Picking & Handling Automation with Modula & MiR

Mobile Robots are a safe and efficient way to transport materials from Modula VLMs. The seamless integration between Modula and Mir software optimizes the work of robots and human pickers. Picking can be done semi or fully automated.
Semi automated Single item Picking - Vertical Storage solutions and AMR
Semi-automated picking of single items

The picking process is carried out manually by an operator who picks products from the Modula VLM and then places them directly into totes or bins on the robot.

The mobile robot then transports the items to the next picking zone or to the consolidation area once the order is completed.

Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Semi automated Batch Picking - Vertical Storage solutions and AMR
Semi-automated picking with picking carts

To fulfill multiple orders at the same time, companies may rely on a mobile put-to-light system, such as a picking cart.

Thanks to a special “hook-top module”, the AMR can hook onto the picking cart and deliver it easily and safely to where it is needed.

Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Fully Automated Each Picking with a vertical lift module and a AMR
Fully automated picking of single items

The AMR can be equipped with a robotic arm. Once the robot arrives, it docks by scanning the QR Code in front of the bay. The arm picks the item directly from the tray and places it into a tote or bin atop the MiR.

Once the picking is complete, the robot is ready to deliver the item to its destination.

Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Fully Automated Case Picking
Fully automated case picking

The robot is equipped with a customized “top module” that lifts, picks, and places totes or bins directly from/to the VLM tray.

The VLM moves the required tray into position as the MiR heads in its direction. The robot arrives, docks by scanning the QR code in front of the bay, picks up or places the material, and confirms the end of the operation.

Fully automated solutions for pallets
Fully automated solutions for pallets

AMR can also automate the transportation of pallets and heavy loads throughout a facility. The Robot can pick up, transport, and unload pallets directly from Modula’s VLM without any human intervention.

Thanks to this solution, businesses can increase employee safety while optimizing the handling of heavy materials.

How a Manufacturer Transformed Their Operations with Modula X Mir’s Solution

Amer SpA develops and designs AC and DC motors, gear motors, steering systems, and drive systems for vehicles. The company sought a way to fully automate the material handling in its production facility to maximize efficiency in the face of changing manufacturing operations. An innovative solution involving a Modula vertical lift module, AGV robots, and integrated software allowed Amer to accomplish its goal.

Modula Robotics Integrations

Revolutionize Your Logistics Operations with Modula Robotics Integrations
Modula Robot Interface
Modula Robotics Integrations

Modula’s products can be seamlessly integrated with various types of robots to further automate logistics processes.

Modula Robot Interface
Modula Robot Interface

Modula products can seamlessly interface with anthropomorphic robots to automate repetitive tasks and improve productivity

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