The Grocer’s Guide to Tech

Grocery retailers are always looking for ways to improve their operations, whether on the retail floor, at the back of the store, or in an off-site fulfillment center. One area that is becoming a growing problem for grocers is eCommerce order staging. With the rise of online grocery shopping and home delivery, retailers must find ways to effectively manage and stage orders to ensure timely delivery to customers.

As wholesalers and retailers alike look for new ways to streamline operations, they continue to turn to the most cost-effective, innovative solution: automation.

Automation has been proven to reduce costs while improving customer satisfaction by providing better inventory and more accurate eCommerce order staging.

The Director of Business Development at Modula, David Lind, recently spoke with Progressive Grocer magazine to detail how vertical lift modules maximize storage density, minimize operational costs, optimize labor usage and more to streamline operations for the savvy grocer.

Check out the Grocer’s Guide to Tech and discover why our VLMs are the right solution for your business.

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