Modula Vertical Storage Solutions for the Automotive Industry Featured in Fixed Ops Magazine

Automotive dealership Parts Departments: major challenges in storing, distributing, and selling parts.

Automotive dealership Parts Departments are experiencing major changes in storing, distributing and selling parts.

To meet these challenges, many dealers are taking advantage of automated vertical storage systems to improve customer satisfaction and achieve higher overall profit margins from both their Parts and Service Departments.

Users of automated vertical storage systems typically gain 80% to 90% more storage capacity using minimal floor space within a dealership Parts Department. It is very common for a 20-foot tall vertical lift module, requiring only about 140 square feet of floor space, to be able to store the same amount of parts inventory that would require approximately 80 to 90 automotive-type shelving bins. The additional reclaimed floor space can allow for storage of additional parts storage or even eliminating outside containers or off-site storage locations.

Main benefits of vertical storage systems for Automotive Dealership Parts Departments

Dealerships that have implemented automotive vertical storage systems within their Parts Department have discovered two key factors:

  • They are able to increase the storage capacity of parts using approximately 85 percent less floor space compared to traditional static storage methods.
  • They establish far better control of their inventory, greatly improve picking accuracy and significantly reduce the time to pick parts to customers and
    Service Technicians.

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In this article on Fixed Ops Magazine, our Automotive Dealership Sales Manager, Michael Cleary explains how Automotive dealerships, that have implemented automotive vertical storage systems within their Parts Department, have saved time and floor space.

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