Modula’s New Fiorano Facility: Cutting-Edge Architecture Meets Sustainability

This September brings an exciting update: the completion of Modula’s New Fiorano Facility in Italy. This modern and innovative building will accommodate some of our offices and departments, which are currently in Salvaterra di Casalgrande (RE), and significantly increase and diversify our production capabilities.

Architectural Innovation

Designed with innovation in mind, Modula’s New Fiorano Facility seamlessly blends prefabrication techniques with cutting-edge architectural elements. The result is an environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and efficiency, setting a new standard for industrial spaces.

Office Layout and Departments

Our new facility’s first floor will be the central hub for our Human Resources, Finance, Administration, Legal, and IT departments. The second floor is designed to foster collaboration and innovation. It features dedicated spaces for our sales team, back office, an Academy division for internal training, and the marketing team.

Production Capabilities

The ground floor is engineered to be a powerhouse of production. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies from B-Tronic, this area will focus on creating prototype machines. These prototypes will serve our R&D offices on the ground floor next to the Software Development office. This setup will significantly increase and diversify our production capabilities.

Experience Center

More than just a workspace, the new facility is designed to function as an Experience Center. This area will serve as a live showcase where new projects and prototypes come to life. Clients and guests will have the unique opportunity to experience our operational warehouses firsthand, offering a tangible glimpse into our capabilities.

Sustainability Focus

Sustainability has been a guiding principle in the design of the new facility. With features like state-of-the-art photovoltaic systems and a strong focus on green architecture, we’re making a conscious effort to minimize our environmental impact. This focus on sustainability is an integral part of our overall business strategy.

Strengthening Research and Partnerships

Modula has a rich history of commitment to R&D, bolstered by continuous investments and strategic collaborations with educational and research institutions. Our new facility in Fiorano Modenese will serve as a hub for innovation in intralogistics and automation, strengthening our existing partnerships and fostering new ones.

Salvaterra Continues as Headquarters

The Salvaterra location will remain our Italian main headquarters and central production hub. This facility has been the cornerstone of our operations and will maintain its current robust production rate of 73 machines per week.

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