Modula Announces Acquisition of Vanas Engineering BV

June 6, 2024

Modula is pleased to announce the acquisition of Vanas Engineering BV, a longstanding dealer in the Benelux region. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone in Modula’s international growth and expansion strategy.

For more than 10 years, Vanas Engineering has been a trusted partner, playing a crucial role in the Benelux area. Beyond their role as a distributor, they have also been a valuable technology integrator, offering a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that align perfectly with Modula’s vision and objectives.

This acquisition of Vanas Engineering will enable Modula to enhance its service offerings and expand its market presence in the Benelux region. By integrating Vanas Engineering’s extensive experience and innovative solutions, Modula aims to provide even greater value to local customers and strengthen its position as a leader in the intralogistics sector.

We are happy to welcome Vanas Engineering into the Modula family. Their impressive track record and deep understanding of the market make them an ideal partner as we continue to expand our presence and deliver superior solutions to our clients

Franco Stefani, President of Modula.

The acquisition is expected to bring numerous synergies, an expanded customer base, and the ability to offer a more diverse range of products and services. The combined efforts of these two players will be valuable in meeting the evolving demands of customers and driving innovation within the industry.

I am excited to start this new collaboration where Modula VLM’s product leadership combined with Vanas’ integrative approach will strengthen our continued growth in the Benelux

Andy Van Mieghem, Managing Director of Vanas Engineering

The acquisition of Vanas is the result of significant joint efforts between the two teams. We are enthusiastic about the opportunities that lie ahead and confident that this partnership will be highly beneficial for all stakeholders involved.

Modula acquisition Vanas Engineering

Vanas Engineering is a supplier of storage solutions and a developer of warehouse management systems. It is active in the industrial, logistics, and automotive sectors and has a strong presence in the medical field, with many solutions installed in hospitals for controlled medication supply.


  • Storage and Retrieval Systems
  • Internal Transport Systems
  • End-of-line Systems
  • Sorting Systems


  • WCS Software
  • WMS Software


  • After Sales Services
  • (RE-)engineering
  • Data Analysis

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Modula vertical lift module (VLM) line maximizes the storage potential of high-ceiling facilities, securing items in enclosed units up to 54 feet tall.
Our horizontal carousels are ideal for low-ceiling environments, as well as those seeking maximum throughput. For both solutions, automated delivery dramatically increases productivity and saves operators from unnecessary bending, walking, and reaching for parts.

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