Modula 2024 Annual Dealer Meeting: Innovation and Collaboration

Modula 2024 Annual Dealer Meeting: A Successful Event Focused on Innovation and Collaboration

Modula’s 2024 Annual Dealer Meeting took place at our Factory in Franklin, OH, from May 13th to 16th. This year, we opted for a two full-day meeting to provide ample space for presentations, discussions, brainstorming, and workshops.

The event was attended by over 40 Modula authorized dealers from all over Canada and the USA, emphasizing the importance of communication, training, and teamwork. Together, we remain committed to driving market expansion through innovation and improved sales and support services.

2024 Annual Dealer Meeting – Day One Highlights

The first day began with a keynote address from Antonio Pagano, our CEO, who shared the impressive 2023 results and outlined Modula’s roadmap for the next four years, focusing on ambitious goals for growth, expansion, and innovation.

Following this, David Lind, Director of Sales, and Giangiacomo Clausi, Director of Services, presented an enhanced dealer program aimed at helping our dealers expand their businesses and capabilities.

David Lind emphasized, “The enhancements we are making in our dealer program and product innovations are designed to provide our dealers with the tools they need to succeed and continue delivering exceptional service to our customers.”

Giangiacomo Clausi added, “Our commitment to continuous improvement in service and support is crucial to maintaining the high standards our customers expect and ensuring their ongoing satisfaction with Modula products.”

In the afternoon, after a fun Modula Trivia Challenge, participants engaged in live demos at our experience center and toured the factory to see new products and the new streamlined production flow.

2024 Annual Dealer Meeting – Day Two Focus

The second day opened with workshops on key topics such as software, business plans, logistics, and post-sales services. In the afternoon, Tim Leyden, President of the Dealer Advisory Council, shared insights and fostered a collaborative environment. 

We then hosted our Annual Award Ceremony recognizing the winners from our 2023 Dealer Incentive Program, as well as the Top Performing Dealers of the Year. Newly added this year, we also recognized dealers with outstanding performance in our Service program. Awarded dealers shared best practices on how their businesses have thrived with Modula.

The day concluded with an interactive session on market analysis, positioning, and future opportunities.

Key Announcements:

  • More investments in manufacturing capabilities and the Expansion of the Ohio Manufacturing facility
  • Introduction of new products
  • Further development of software with new integrations and features 
  • Launch and implementation of Salesforce as the new CRM system

Open House Event

The day after the official dealer meeting, Modula hosted an open house event to allow dealers to invite their clients and contacts to visit Modula’s production facility.

The open house was a great success, with customers and interested companies visiting throughout the morning. They had the chance to see the products in action, discover our production process with guided factory tours, and interact with our team and dealer network. It was the perfect conclusion to a series of intense and productive days.

2024 Modula Annual Dealer Meeting Recap

The 2024 Modula Annual Dealer Meeting was a remarkable success, highlighting the importance of communication, training, and teamwork. It reinforced Modula’s commitment to driving market expansion through product innovation and enhanced sales and service support. The strengthened relationships and shared insights from this meeting will undoubtedly drive us toward continued growth and innovation.