Benefits of Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

Advanced Automation Solutions bring Game Changing Benefits

This isn’t the traditional warehouse solution. It’s a new way of looking at your operations and making the most of it.

By capitalizing on high ceilings, Modula vertical lift modules (VLMs) drastically trim the need for floor space. Our horizontal carousels (HC) are ideal for low-ceiling environments, as well as those seeking maximum throughput.

For both solutions, automated delivery dramatically increases productivity and efficiency while reducing picking errors.

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Main benefits

Recover Valuable Floor Space and Optimize Your Storage Potential

Recover wasted floor space, maximize payloads, customize warehouse configurations, then reposition and rescale as needed.
Warehouse Kitting: save space
Recover floor space
Recover valualbe floor space and reduce your storage footprint by up to 90% by taking advantage of otherwise-wasted vertical space.
Maximize payload capacity
With payload capacity of up to 2,200 lb and a wide range of size and width, ASRS can easily manage larger amounts of inventory with great efficiency
Nearly unlimited flexibility
The ASRS’s modular design ensures almost unlimited flexibility. Our solutions accommodate your space and needs, with many options and configurations.
Grow, reposition, scale
Keep pace with growing demand. Add more ASRS as your business grows. Change locations without worrying – Modula units can be adapted quickly to new requirements.
Control operations with our WMS
Manage your inventory with our warehouse management system (WMS) or integrate our solutions with your existing WMS. It is simple and intuitive
A sustainable solution
The reduced footprint and storage area means lower energy costs, less wastes, more efficient processes, and cleaner operations.

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Boost Your Productivity and Accuracy with Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems

With a Modula ASRS, workers don’t have to go to the items – items come to them with a few taps on a screen. That’s only the beginning of how our warehouse automation solutions maximize productivity and accuracy.
Save time
Locate the parts and products you need instantly. Get more done without adding staff or extra shifts.
Increase accuracy
Simple visual picking aids guide operators to quickly and easily identify the parts to be picked or replenished. No more costly picking errors!
Improve inventory management
Stay abreast of what’s in stock with automated inventory tracking. Use your data to its fullest potential, reduce errors and paperwork, and improve overall performance.
Easy software integration
Optimize your logistics and inventory processes with software that integrates easily into any ERP. Control stock levels and inventory with just one click.
Control access
Items are all contained within vertical lift modules. Secure your inventory with controlled and restricted access and barcode verification.
Prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities
Invest in the future, starting with a VLM tailored for your space and requirements.

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Choose an Advanced Storage Solution with Human-Centric Design

Modula’s automated storage and retrieval systems ensure safety and reduce stress with ergonomic designs and functionality that increases worker satisfaction, as well as productivity.
Lower stress and strain
Modula AS/RS deliver items to workers at a comfortable height. No bending down or reaching up.
Simple and intuitive solutions
Computer-aided picking and inventory tracking improves worker effectiveness and satisfaction.
Higher productivity through technology
With automation, productivity skyrockets far beyond what manual systems can achieve.
A human-centric environment
Modula’s warehouse ergonomic storage systems save workers time and energy, letting them focus on projects that require closer attention and team communication.
Redefine job descriptions
With less time traveling through a warehouse and more time working with picked items, your workers’ responsibilities can evolve to support your business.
Easy learning curve to operate
With less than 30 minutes of training, anyone can safely operate a Modula ASRS. So even if you have staffing shortfalls or reorganized shifts, you can keep up your productivity.
Experts who know your business
Modula’s network of experts can help you create an environment your team will love.

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