Put your people first

Modula’s warehouse ergonomic solutions are built on human-centric design principles that all but eliminate the stress and strain of manual materials handling. Items are delivered to the operator at ergonomically correct levels, keeping everyone productive and enhancing the work environment.

Choose an advanced storage solution
with human-centric design

Lower stress and strain

Modula VLMs deliver items to workers at a comfortable height– no bending down or reaching up.

Simple and intuitive solutions

Computer-aided picking and inventory tracking improves worker effectiveness and satisfaction.

Higher productivity through technology

With automation, productivity skyrockets far beyond what manual systems can achieve.

A human-centric environment

Modula’s warehouse ergonomic storage systems save workers time and energy, letting them focus on projects that require closer attention and team communication.

Redefine job descriptions

With less time traveling through a warehouse and more time working with picked items, your workers’ responsibilities can evolve to support your business.

Easy learning curve to operate

With less than 30 minutes of training, anyone can productively and safely operate a Modula VLM. So even if you have staffing shortfalls or reorganized shifts, you can keep up your productivity.

Experts who know your business

Modula’s network of experts can help you create an environment your team will love.


warehouse ergonomic solutions


warehouse ergonomic solutions

A better tomorrow for everyone on your team

Modula warehouse ergonomic solutions are designed to support worker safety and enhance the manufacturing environment. With ergonomic design and computer-driven operation, these machines allow workers to quickly and accurately pick items. No more hustling around a sprawling warehouse in a hunt for parts!


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