Boost your productivity and accuracy with warehouse automation

With a Modula Vertical Lift Module (VLM), your workers don’t have to go to the items. The items come to them, with just a few taps on a screen. That’s only the beginning of how our warehouse automation solutions maximize productivity and accuracy.

Warehouse storage automation solutions
tailored for your operations

Save time

Locate the parts and products you need instantly. Get more done without adding staff or extra shifts.

Increase accuracy – no more mispicks

Simple visual picking aids guide operators to quickly and easily identify the parts to be picked or replenished. No more costly picking errors!

Improve inventory management

Stay abreast of what’s in stock with automated inventory tracking. Use your data to its fullest potential, reduce errors and paperwork, and improve overall performance.

Easy software integration

Optimize your logistics and inventory processes with software that integrates easily into any ERP. Control stock levels and inventory movements with just one click.

Control access

Items are all contained within vertical lift modules. Secure your inventory with controlled and restricted access and barcode verification.

Connect digitally throughout your system

Make your warehouse part of an online supply chain management system.

Prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities

Invest in the future, starting with a VLM tailored for your space and requirements.



Building the warehouse of the future

The traditional warehouse wasn’t designed for the high-demand, high-accuracy requirements of today’s market. Modula warehouse automation solutions enable you to redefine your space and customize your solution to fit both your current and anticipated future needs.


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