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How to stay competitive by integrating the latest automation solutions to get the most out of your supply chain  

What do VLMs, Cobots, and AMRs have in common? When seamlessly integrated, they can be the key to your warehouse efficiency. Find out how automation can streamline your operations by attending Modula Live streaming, on YouTube and LinkedIn Live.

Join our experts during our Live Session on 28 September, 11 EST Time, to discover cutting-edge Automation Solutions and find out how today’s technology can help you get the most out of your supply chain.

During the digital event titled “Think Modula outside the box!”, Bjorn Stromh, International Business Developer in Modula, will provide an overview of how automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) can interact with MIR Robots and ABB Cobots, to create fully automated picking operations.

Together with Bjorn Stromh, Ronni Nielsen  (MiR), and Valerio D’Angelo (ABB), will offer a roadmap for how operations managers can deploy these technologies to increase efficiencies and stay competitive.

30 minutes to bring your logistics to the next level while learning:

  • Modula Solutions: Vertical, horizontal, and special application storage solutions provide Goods to Person technology to your warehouse operations
  • Proven Robotic Integrations: Case studies showcasing Cobots, AS/RS, and AMRs that have been seamlessly integrated to optimize order fulfillment operations
  • A sneak preview of Modula Pallet for Pallet Storage

Do not miss the opportunity to join us live and discover new applications!

About the speakers:

Björn Strohm
Business Development EuropeModula S.p.A
Ronni Nielsen
Sales Director – Mobile Industrial Robots A/S
Valerio D’Angelo
Valerio D’Angelo
Business Development Specialist

Modula Live Streaming

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With over 30 years of experience, Modula is a leading manufacturer of automated storage solutions designed to optimize space and improve picking and storage operations for any industrial sector or environment.

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