Remote warehouse management and support Modula Cloud

Our advanced warehouse management, remote support and analytics solutions empower your company to keep complete control of your operations, from anywhere.
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Modula Cloud

All the Information you Need at your Fingertips

Modula Cloud is a remote management, support, and analytics platform that collects statistical data from all your automated storage and retrieval systems, no matter where they are located. Built-in and always-on, the Cloud platform captures all data in an easy-to-navigate online portal where users can securely monitor and manage their operations, from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Remote monitoring of your Modula storage systems
  • Real-time updates and alerts
  • Remote warehouse management
  • Remote support, diagnostics and resolution
  • Predictive warehouse maintenance
Modula Cloud

Modula Cloud

How does the Modula Cloud work?

The Modula WMS collects and analyzes statistical data from each Modula unit, then automatically transfers the information to the customer’s secure Modula Cloud platform. Using advanced user authentication, customers can access the data (either on an individual machine or aggregate level) on the customer portal, which is accessible from any device and location.

Thanks to Modula Cloud, you can monitor remotely the status and performance of one or several plants regardless of their location.

An interactive map lets you see all the points where a Modula product is operating and with a simple click on the map, you can access the reports for each individual unit.

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Cloud System Architecture

Integrated Warehouse Dashboards

Modula Cloud: Get insights and reports on your operations from anywhere, with one click.
  • Warehouse status: Unit statistics, energy consumption, warning lights, alarms and alarm reports
  • Modula Units Status: model, software and license version, operating system, maintenance countdowns and history
  • Modula Units performance: total number of missions, number of mission per day or per period, energy consumption, saturation volume, alarm and maintenance warning
Modula Cloud - Machines View

Real-Time Monitoring – Down to the Single Tray

Complete visibility into every corner of your warehouse

You’ll know immediately if a machine is running properly, is offline, or is experiencing a problem that needs to be addressed. You’ll get detailed reports on how efficiently the machine’s trays are being used. If they’re out of balance, you can inform your workers how to reallocate items. You’ll see how many cycles have been run, orders have been filled in a given time period, energy consumed, and other relevant data.

  • Total weight
  • Height of stored material
  • Average trays occupation
  • Volume saturation
Modula Cloud: Real-time remote monitoring down to the single tray

Modula Cloud Benefits

Experience the Benefits of Remote Warehouse Management With Modula Cloud

Insights-Driven Customizable Dashboard

Focus on the data that is most relevant for you

Cloud offers an insight-driven dashboard that provides valuable information to help you manage your business more effectively. You can easily filter and sort data, set up alerts, and generate custom reports. This feature enables you to gain real-time visibility into key performance metrics and make data-driven decisions to optimize warehouse operations, regardless of their location.

Modula Cloud View

Always-on Supervision and Remote Control

Better decision-making

Modula Cloud integrates real time data from your processes and provides a single point of view into warehouse operations. Thanks to real-time reports and analytics on your warehouse performance, you have the data you need to make informed decisions.

At a glance, you can know if the warehouses are operating or on alert, how saturated they are in terms of volume and weight, how many cycles they have done, how many orders your operators have filled in a certain time period and other relevant data.


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Modula Cloud View

A Direct Line to Modula Customer Care

With a “Call from Copilot” function

Modula Cloud features a “call from Copilot” function to immediately let Customer Care know you need assistance. No remembering of details, emails or phone calls are needed — a Modula technician will call you back right away, with everything pre-populated for them.

Remarkably enough, 80 percent of machine alerts, issues or disruptions can be resolved with just a phone call. Our technicians are always there to guide you on how to fix the problem in real time.

With Modula Cloud, you just click and help is there.


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Modula Cloud features a call from Copilot

Predictive Maintenance

Avoid Unexpected and Costly Downtimes with Modula Cloud

The Modula Cloud analyzes data from your Modula storage units, to create optimum maintenance schedules and assess when interventions are needed. Through the secure Cloud portal, customers can review the status of their operations in real time and share them with Modula’s Service team to receive assistance.

This continual feedback loop on your warehouse health status keeps everyone informed of any issues and automatically prompts alarms and work orders through predictive maintenance algorithms.

As a result, Modula customers keep their maintenance and management interventions to a minimum and avoid unexpected and costly production downtimes.


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Modula Cloud Predictive maintenance

Secure Data and Hosting

Keeping you data Secured is Our Priority

To keep the information secure, Modula Cloud was developed entirely with Microsoft technology and is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

As one of the leading public cloud providers, Microsoft equips its cloud with all the latest safety certifications for information management as well as cryptography systems for authentication and data exchange.

The only prerequisite for the client on the IT side is a stable and continuous internet connection from the Modula Server PC workstation.


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Modula Cloud on Microsoft Azure

Modula Lift

Modula Cloud in Case Studies

Discover Modula Cloud in action in these case studies
Video Case Study
With 2 Modula VLMs, Mezzacorona optimizes the storage and handling of large rolls of wine labels

With 2 Modula VLMs and Modula Cloud, Mezzacorona fully protects the labels, simplifies and speeds retrieval while continually improving performance and maintenance needs with Modula Cloud.

Video Case Study
Mec-Diesel expands its auto parts e-commerce and boosts efficiency with Modula Solutions

Mec-Diesel expands its auto parts e-commerce with 35 Modula vertical lift modules and remotely controls and monitors several branches, thanks to Modula Cloud.

Video Case Study
Sunny Europe Manages Complex Order Picking Workflows

As a result, productivity jumped from 35 lines an hour in the manual system to 150 or 220 lines an hour. Sunny Europe can manage 3,000 lines a day with close to zero mispicks.

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Modula WMS

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Modula Software Integrations

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