Modula Automated Solutions Provide an Efficient Sample Library Storage System and a Sleek Design Element within the Showroom

Modula automated storage systems provide an efficient Sample Library storage system while being integrated as a sleek design element in an interior design showroom

Modula is an ideal automated storage solution in any manufacturing industry or distribution facility. However, many companies, shops, hardware stores, and showrooms also choose an automated storage system to improve their daily activities and make the picking and retrieval of documents, products, and samples streamlined and efficient.

For instance, interior design firms maintain an extensive sample library.  These libraries are living repositories where designers keep thousands of samples of wallpapers, paint, hardware, fabrics, metal, wood and stone, and more.

Having an efficient and well-organized sample library storage system is a key factor for a successful interior design business. Designers need to keep these items on hand to provide the look and feel of a product in person, rather than on a computer screen. However, the last thing they want to do is dig through a ton of boxes and bins while discussing an important design project with a client. Like many other organizations, they want the right things, in the right place, in the right order. All this while creating an appealing showroom environment.

Surprisingly, Modula’s vertical lift module can be both an efficient sample library storage system, and a sleek design element when properly integrated into an architectural design.

An excellent example of the implementation of this idea is the showroom of Somium Premium Properties SLU, a company of the Grupo Marjal, a leader in the real estate sector.

Architects Monica Armani and Luca Dallabetta transformed a Modula Lift into a luxury design element. They managed to combine classic needs, that is, the efficient use of floor space without sacrificing order and cleanliness, with a new “experiential pathways” concept.

Paper catalogs have given way to “touch before you buy” methods. Each tray contains a specific design sample, and with the same simplicity with which you flip through pages of a catalog, you can call a design sample to make it visible to the customer.

With Modula you save space, save time, improve the efficiency of processes, and even stylishly furnish your spaces!