Global O-Ring and Seal Speeds Shipping with Modula VLMs

Global O-Ring and Seal, LLC, is based in Houston, Texas, and serves industrial customers worldwide.


Global O-Ring and Seal stocks thousands of O-rings, seals, and other sealing-related products, stocks thousands of SKUs. As it prepared to move to a new facility, the management team sought an efficient picking system they could find. They needed a better way of knowing what was in stock and a better way of finding and retrieving them so they could meet their goals of shipping an item the same day it was ordered.


The company bought three Modula vertical lift modules that provided 12,000 square feet of storage space on just 465 square feet of floor space, reducing their operational footprint by 90%. Parts stored in warehouse jumped from 5,000 SKUs to more than 10,000. Inventory was better managed by connecting its ERP with the Modula Warehouse Management System (WMS).

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