Sabbioni Streamlines Logistics with 6 Modula VLMs

Case Study Summary

Founded in 1953 by the current owner’s parents, Sabbioni is a family-owned distribution company in the perfumery industry. With 21 stores across Emilia Romagna and an award-winning e-commerce site, Sabbioni sought to streamline its logistics management for improved efficiency and accuracy. Partnering with Modula, Sabbioni implemented six automated vertical lift modules (VLMs) combined with picking stations to modernize its warehouse operations. This installation reduced picking errors and enhanced tracking capabilities especially during crucial peak periods including Black Friday and Christmas.

The Challenge

As Sabbioni’s e-commerce business flourished, the existing logistics management system required reorganization to accurately handle the increasing volume of orders. Manual picking processes were prone to errors, which increased during the busiest shopping times of the year, as well as special website promotions. Identifying and retrieving diverse products accurately for packaging, posed a significant challenge, leading to delays and critical mistakes.

The Solution

Modula’s automated VLMs provided the solution Sabbioni needed to streamline its picking processes. Upon receiving an order through the ERP system, the WMS software directs the printing of order labels and assigns orders to specific picking station bays. The external double bay Modula VLMs create efficiency by continuously bringing the required item to the picker, who then places the product in the designated picking station. Operators use the Put to Light system to easily identify and confirm picked items, eliminating the need to visually recognize products, especially during high-demand periods.

The integration of laser pointers further enhances efficiency by precisely indicating the compartment containing the required product and streamlining the retrieval process. Detailed initial tray mapping ensures accurate product placement and retrieval.

With Modula’s solutions, Sabbioni has optimized its logistics operations, reduced errors, and increased efficiency, even during peak demand periods. The implementation of Modula’s VLMs has not only improved accuracy and efficiency, but has also positioned Sabbioni for continued growth and success in the competitive perfumery industry.

“I must highlight the exceptional support we have received from the entire Modula team, who support us every time to solve issues, and through updates consistently help us to improve our logistics operations.”Barbara Gullo, Warehouse Manager

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