Step inside the Modula production plant in Lewiston, Maine


As many of you know, because of the current Covid-19 situation, and for the safety of our employees and customers, we are not currently able to open our doors for factory tours. However, thanks to our on-site team, we are able to take you on a virtual tour of our Modula Headquarters & Production plant in Lewiston, Maine. See how our storage solutions are made from top to bottom, as well as see some of the faces who make it all happen!

As the only manufacturer of automated storage solutions in the USA, Modula is proud to offer the fastest lead times to our customers. With a production facility of 102,000 sq. feet. and investments over $15 million, our Lewiston facility offers state-of-the-art automated manufacturing. Additional investments are being made each year to ensure the efficiency of our automation processes. This year, we are opening our largest production plant yet in Franklin, Ohio. This will allow us to increase our production capacity by 2,000 VLM units from the 500 units made in Lewiston. All of these factors ensure that we will be able to deliver the full line of our products in the fastest possible time in the USA.

Discover our automated manufacturing process

In this virtual tour, you will be able to see a behind-the-scenes look at how our vertical storage solutions are created. The journey begins with our computer-controlled S4 automated punching machine. All of our panels and trays start here, and are cut and pounded out by exact programmed patterns that account for material type and density. Metal panel and tray sheets up to 13 feet long and 6 feet wide are then loaded directly into our P4 bending machine. A pre-punched pattered is entered into the computer to tell the P4 how each panel and tray should be bent. At this point, the panels go directly to powder-coating and are prepared for assembly and shipment.

Our Modula trays continue their journey along the assembly line picking up rivets and omegas that enable them to hold up to one ton per tray. Advanced arm robotics are a key part of our automated manufacturing process. Smaller support components of our automated storage solutions are created by laser cutters with precise patterns detailed by our engineers. Our electrical assembly team is responsible for the “brain” of our machines – the control panels. They also oversee the building of the elevators, wiring motors and construction of the co-pilot support beams. The mechanical and structural assembly department puts all of the pieces together to the exact specifications of the customer’s order. Our own VLMs are used in this kitting process as it provides the fast and accurate inventory control management. After finishing touches are put on our modules they are labeled, wrapped and ready for the fastest delivery in the USA.

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We look forward to the day when we can reopen our Modula Headquarters and production plant for tours and customer visits. If you have any questions or would like to contact Modula, please feel free to contact us.