GF Machining Solutions Employs VLMs

Global machine-tool maker adds Modula’s VLM’s and reduces floor space needs by 50%

GF Machining Solutions is a world leader in the supply of machines, solutions for automation, services for the production of molds and tools and for the production of high precision components. Products range from high-speed and high-efficiency EDM and milling machines to fastening and palletizing systems, from laser machines for 3D surface texturing, to assistance services, to spare parts and consumables, up to to automation solutions.


GF Machining Solutions’ North American logistics hub provides overnight deliver to its North American customers. With a growing business, they needed to expand secure storage capabilities, while also improving speed and accuracy.


Modula’s Vertical storage units helped GF Machining to increase floor capacity and efficiency. With this space gain, they created new work zones improving the overall flow on the floor. Unique productivity enhancing features like Dual Delivery Trays outfitted with a laser pointer and guided light bar, dramatically improved picking speed and accuracy. Modula’s WMS fully integrated with ERP makes bin presentation and scanning a thing of the past.

Want to improve the performance of your picking and storage operation?

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