Modula & MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots brochure

In any warehouse, production, or distribution facility, it is essential to have an efficient storage and materials handling system, with fast and accurate picking and fulfillment operations.

The explosion of e-commerce has revolutionized the supply chain and demand cycle. The days of 2-3 days for delivery are long gone. Customers now expect overnight delivery, dramatically reducing the order fulfillment system’s margin of error. Both warehouse and production centers need to get the orders out, but just as important, they have to get them right.

To achieve this goal, companies need to optimize space, labor, and equipment while delivering added value to their customers.

Automation, managed by simple and intuitive software applications, is the key to achieving streamlined processes while ensuring a profitable and productive operation.

Download the brochure to discover more about the integration between Modula Automated Storages Solutions and MiR Autonomous Mobile Robots.