Common Challenges in the Fluid Power Industry

The Fluid Power Industry encompasses businesses and technologies focused on the use of fluids (liquid or gas) to generate, control, and transmit power.

These systems are found in a vast array of applications, from the smallest medical devices to the largest construction equipment. Companies in this sector face several challenges in terms of material handling and inventory management:

Complex Inventory Management
The diversity of components, such as valves, tubes, seals, and connectors, each with different specifications and applications, makes inventory management complex.

Storage of Diverse Components
These industries require storage solutions that can accommodate a wide range of component sizes and shapes, from small fittings to large tubes and cylinders.


Maintaining Product Quality
Many hydraulic and pneumatic components are sensitive to environmental conditions like humidity or contamination, necessitating careful storage to maintain product integrity.

Quick Access to Parts
Rapid retrieval of specific components is crucial to minimize downtime in critical hydraulic and pneumatic systems maintenance.

Tracking and Traceability
Companies in the fluid power industry need to efficiently tracking components through their lifecycle, from storage to deployment, for quality control and regulatory compliance.

Adapting to Technological Advances
As new technologies emerge, companies in these sectors must update their inventory management to include new types of components, while efficiently handling the obsolescence of older parts to prevent dead stock.

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The Advantages of Warehouse Automation for the the Fluid Power Industry

Boost Inventory Management, Enhances Safety, and Reduces Operational Costs
Space Saving Icon, Aerospace & Naval Industry warehouse Automation
Optimized Space Utilization
Maximizes storage capacity within a limited footprint, ideal for managing diverse fluid power components in confined spaces.
Enhanced Safety and Ergonomics
Automated storage reduces the need for manual handling of heavy or bulky items, minimizing the risk of workplace injuries.
increased productivity icon
Increased Efficiency and Accuracy
Streamlines the retrieval process for faster access to components, crucial for maintaining efficient operations in the fluid power industry.
Full traceability and real time inventory Icon - warehouse optimization
Improved Inventory Management
Precise tracking and control of inventory of the various types of components, ensuring ready availability and reducing stock discrepancies.
ROI icon
Reduce Operational Costs
Automation minimizes labor-intensive tasks, leading to significant savings in labor costs and operational efficiency.
Modula Integration with Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs): Flexibility
Scalability and Flexibility
Automated solutions can be easily scaled to accommodate changing business needs or to handle new product lines or variations in order volume.

Automation in the Fluid Power Industry

The Fluid Power Industry encompasses a wide range of components, including valves, tubes, seals, and cylinders. Daily operations in this sector involve the management of this diverse inventory, the preservation of product quality, and the imperative need for swift access to critical parts.

Automated  solutions, such us Modula Vertical Lift Modules and Horizontal Carousels can support companies in this sector to streamline their material handling and inventory management processes.

Complex Inventory Management:
Automated systems can efficiently organize and track a diverse range of components with different specifications.  Modula WMS software perfectly integrates with any existing ERP/DMS systems. This ensures that every item stored and retrieved is accounted for and meets the necessary quality and safety standards.

Storage of Diverse Components:
Modula’s automated storage systems are designed to accommodate various sizes and shapes of components. They can be configured to store small fittings, large tubes, and cylinders, optimizing storage space.

Maintaining Product Quality:
Our Clean Rooms and Temperature-Controlled Environment solutions are specifically designed to protect sensitive hydraulic and pneumatic components from humidity and contamination. Additionally, they optimize storage utilization, freeing up valuable warehouse space

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Quick Access to Parts:
With automated solutions, specific components can be accessed rapidly. This minimizes downtime during system maintenance, as technicians can quickly locate and retrieve the required parts.

Tracking and Traceability:
Automated systems offer precise tracking and traceability features. Each component can be assigned a unique identifier, allowing for efficient monitoring throughout its lifecycle – from storage to deployment. This aids in quality control and regulatory compliance.

Adapting to Technological Advances:
Modula’s automated solutions are adaptable and scalable. As new technologies and components emerge, the storage system can be easily reconfigured to accommodate them. This flexibility ensures that obsolete parts are managed efficiently, preventing dead stock and reducing costs.

By implementing automated storage and retrieval solutions, companies in the Fluid Power Industry can streamline their material handling and inventory management processes, improve operational efficiency, and ensure the integrity of their components while staying agile in the face of technological advancements.

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