Komatsu Optimizes Warehouse Efficiency with Vertical Lift Modules

Case Summary

Komatsu Australia, a subsidiary of the industry-leading manufacturer of construction, forestry, and mining equipment, faced a complex challenge. The company needed to optimize its warehouse operations in Brisbane, their latest flagship operation. With a diverse range of spare parts to manage, from items as small as a postage stamp to machinery weighing up to 25 tons, they sought to improve efficiency, safety, and space utilization. The solution came in the form of 7 Modula ML50D vertical lift modules combined with conveyors, which exceeded their operational goals.

The Challenge

Komatsu Australia’s warehouse in Wacol DC is a hub for a broad range of industries, including mining, construction, forklift, and utility. The warehouse is not only responsible for distributing spare parts nationally in Australia, New Caledonia, and New Zealand but also supports the fulfillment of international orders for the Komatsu brand globally. The challenge was to find a solution that could handle this diverse and voluminous inventory while improving efficiency and safety.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation of various technologies, Komatsu Australia implemented 7 Modula ML50D vertical lift modules combined with conveyors. This multi-faceted solution had several benefits. First, it significantly reduced the muscular strain on employees involved in manual handling, making it much easier to load trays into the vertical bays. Second, the picking rate almost tripled, streamlining the process and making it much faster. Lastly, the high-density storage solution allowed for efficient use of vertical space, freeing up more room for other activities in the warehouse.

The 32-foot high Modula Lift are equipped with external dual delivery options, laser pointers, and alphanumeric LED bars. Combined with a sliding copilot, these features make the picking and replenishment operations fast and error-free.

Thanks to Modula vertical lift modules, Komatsu Australia has successfully optimized its warehouse operations, making it more efficient, safer, and better organized.

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