Safran elevates aircraft maintenance and repair parts operations with 7 Modula VLMs

Case Summary

Safran, an aircraft maintenance and repair parts provider, reduced their storage by 80% and eliminated picking errors with 7 Modula VLMs.

Safran Aircraft Engine Services Brussels provides aircraft maintenance and repair parts to aviation engines. It wanted to bring mechanical aviation parts closer to the engineers working on units to speed up the process, and also wanted to save space, reduce picking errors, maintain needed inventory levels, and trace the delivery of MRO aircraft parts. Manual systems were impeding all of these goals, so Safran acquired several Modula units over time to address all of its shortcomings. As a result, it reduced its aircraft maintenance storage needs by 80 percent and eliminated picking errors. Security was greatly enhanced because Safran could trace the delivery of MRO aircraft parts throughout its operation.

The Issue

Safran Aircraft Engine Services Brussels, based at the Brussels airport, is a fully owned subsidiary of French-owned Safran Aircraft Engines. With 250 employees, it specializes in Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (MRO) services and employs engineers on site. These engineers typically needed parts from Safran’s inventory to execute the MRO aircraft repairs and Safran wanted to ensure those parts could be delivered quickly. For the same reason, expensive, delicate repair equipment must be properly stored.

With more than 10,000 parts to track, the manual system was cumbersome and prone to errors. Without checks, those parts can be taken by those not authorized to use them. So it was important not just to speed up processes, but enhance the traceability of parts and tools as they moved around the facility.

The Solution

Starting with a few Modula VLMs, Safran’s operations managers saw the advantages they represented and added more, including one with padded trays to store large, but delicate tools. To guard against theft and enhance traceability, the operation also installed cameras and software to record images of trays as they were opened during the day to track the flow of parts. The system worked in conjunction with Safran’s ERP.

The engine maintenance facility ended up with 7 Modula VLMs and was able to handle up to 500 order lines per day as a result. At the same time, the floor space dedicated to aircraft maintenance and repair storage was reduced by 80 percent.

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