Göweil optimizes its agricultural machinery parts storage and operations with Modula VLMs


Göweil, a company that designs and manufactures ag equipment, optimized its agricultural machinery parts storage with 13 Modula VLMs.

Göweil Maschinenbau GmbH is an Austrian company that designs and manufactures agricultural harvesting machinery and components. The company wanted to improve its efficiency and accuracy in retrieving parts needed to build machines tailored for each order. Its efforts had been hampered by its existing traditional shelving and manual picking operations. Goweil selected 13 Modula vertical lift modules to optimize its warehouse and manufacturing operations, saving space, increasing speed, and eliminating mispicks.


To create prototypes or fulfill orders for its agricultural machinery and equipment, Goweil needed to select among its 2,500 of stored parts. These parts were housed on traditional shelving at different levels and floors in its 6,500-square-foot (2,000 square meters) warehouse. Not only did this slow the production of their agricultural harvesting machinery and pose a safety risk to employees, it resulted in parts mispicks that reduced overall production quality and efficiency. In addition, the warehouse was running out of space to house the parts as demand for Goweil products continued to grow.


Göweil bought an array of Modula vertical lift module models, which dramatically improved operations and agricultural equipment storage solution. “Everything is on one floor now and we don’t need to climb shelves or use stackers,” says Operations Manager Franz Goweil. The 2,500 agricultural machinery and equipment parts are now stored in an area of 328 square feet (100 square meters).

He has been impressed with the quality of advice that Modula provided as well as the range of available VLMs. “It was basically a very flexible model that has brought us several advantages in the constricted spaces of our warehouse,” Goweil says. “Our major problem has always been the space available, and with this solution we were able to get rid of several shelves.” He also was pleased with the laser pointer option, which helped operators quickly discern which part in a tray should be selected. “We are able to avoid almost all picking errors.”

“We are currently using 13 lifts, which work just brilliantly,” Goweil says. “Our warehouse managers are very satisfied with the processes.”

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