Ferramenta Gruppi Streamlines Hardware Distribution with Modula VLMs

Case Study Summary

Ferramenta Gruppi, a hardware wholesale distributor, struggled with inefficiencies, safety risks from manual picking, and poor space optimization. By integrating 10 Modula vertical lift modules, they streamlined their picking process, eliminated the need for ladders, and improved safety. The compact Modula system optimized warehouse space, increased inventory capacity, and enhanced customer service. The investment quickly proved cost-effective, with the first unit paying for itself within a year.

The challenge:

Before integrating Modula units, Ferramenta Gruppi faced several challenges in their warehouse operations. Their traditional storage system involved personnel moving between shelves to pick items, which was inefficient and time-consuming. This manual process often resulted in difficulties with low and high-level picking, making it cumbersome to locate and retrieve boxes and products. Additionally, the use of ladders and stools for accessing items posed significant safety risks, as employees had to carry heavy packages while climbing.

The traditional system also led to space management issues, with the warehouse being cluttered and unable to accommodate more inventory efficiently. This limited their capacity to handle additional orders and impacted their customer service, as they couldn’t accept late orders.

The solution:

With the integration of 10 Modula units, Ferramenta Gruppi effectively addressed the challenges in their warehouse operations. The transition to automation drastically improved their picking process by centralizing storage and making items easily accessible. This eliminated the need for employees to move between shelves, reducing the time and effort required for picking. The automated system streamlined the retrieval of products, solving the problems associated with low and high-level picking.

In terms of safety, the Modula units removed the necessity for ladders and stools, as products could now be accessed directly from the trays positioned at a comfortable height. This significantly reduced the risk of injuries, as employees no longer had to carry heavy packages while climbing.

The integration of Modula also optimized their warehouse space. The compact storage system allowed them to reduce the overall size of the warehouse while increasing its capacity. This enabled Ferramenta Gruppi to accept more orders and improve their customer service, as they could now handle additional requests until late in the afternoon.

Financially, the investment in Modula units proved to be worthwhile. The first unit paid for itself within a year, and the success of the initial units led to the installation of additional Modula systems to handle both smaller and bulkier items.

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