Eutron Kunshan Boosts PCB Manufacturing Efficiency with Modula VLMs

Case Study Summary

Eutron Kunshan, a printed circuit board manufacturer, faced significant space and efficiency challenges in their warehouse. By integrating Modula vertical lift modules in 2014, they saved time, improved operational efficiency, and maintained optimal storage conditions for electronic materials. The success led to the purchase of a second Modula unit in 2016, further enhancing their storage capabilities and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Eutron Kunshan, founded in October 2012, manufactures various printed circuit boards (PCBs). Initially, they relied on standard shelving for material storage, which proved to be inefficient and inadequate given the small size of their warehouse and the large volume of electronic spare parts they needed to store. The need for a storage solution that could save space and integrate seamlessly with their ERP system was paramount. Moreover, storing electronic materials demanded precise control of temperature and humidity, a requirement their existing storage setup could not fulfill, leading to potential risks in material quality and longevity.

The Solution

In May 2014, Eutron Kunshan addressed these challenges by installing the Modula Lift module, which transformed their storage process.  The automated system significantly saved time in daily operations and improved overall efficiency by reducing the time spent searching for materials. The Modula Lift provided a controlled environment, essential for storing electronic components like resistors and capacitors, by preventing dust accumulation and maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels with an integrated air conditioning unit. This setup ensured the optimal preservation of sensitive materials.
Due to the excellent performance and benefits observed over two years, Eutron Kunshan purchased a second Modula unit in 2016. The Modula WMS seamlessly integrated with their ERP system, enabling effective material management and enhancing operational control. The implementation of Modula units not only solved their storage problems but also impressed customers during factory visits, demonstrating a commitment to advanced, efficient, and reliable storage solutions.

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