Modula to Exhibit Automated Storage & Picking Solutions at MODEX 2024

Discover Modula Solutions at Modex 2024 

Modula is gearing up to showcase its innovative storage solutions at the highly anticipated MODEX 2024, taking place from March 9-12 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Recognized as one of the premier trade shows in the supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing sectors, Modex 2024 offers an unparalleled opportunity for companies from around the globe to showcase their latest innovations and solutions.

At booth #B7614, Modula will be featuring a live demo of its innovative storage solutions, including the Modula Lift and the horizontal carousel. These advanced systems can help companies across industries optimize their storage spacereduce picking errors, and increase picking rates.

Additionally, we will demonstrate how our advanced order-picking system, featuring a picking station that enables picking from both the vertical lift module and horizontal carousel, can enhance order-picking precision and speed. Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions and provide demonstrations of our products and services.

Modula Lift: Maximize your storage potential and enhance your order fulfillment process.

Available in a range of sizes and capacities, the Modula Lift has become the go-to solution for businesses around the world as they seek to modernize their processes, reposition their spaces and drive efficiency.

Modula’s vertical lift modules (VLMs) are fully automated vertical storage systems that take up a minimum footprint by taking advantage of high ceilings, thus maximizing storage potential. Items can be stored up to 53 feet high in a safe and secure unit that automatically delivers them to an operator with a touch on the user-friendly Copilot controller or scan of a barcode. No more time wasted searching for items. The right part is delivered to the right person at the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.

Modula will also showcase the Modula Horizontal Carousel, an ideal solution for high-speed picking in environments with limited ceiling space. With its ergonomic and intuitive design, the carousel provides easy access to stored items, enabling swift and accurate order fulfillment. By minimizing search time and maximizing efficiency, this solution allows manufacturers to meet demanding customer expectations while improving overall productivity.

Vertical Lift Modules and Horizontal Carousels
Modula Vertical Lift Modules and Horizontal Carousels

Modula Slim: the most compact VLM on the market.

Modula Slim is the smart choice for anyone looking for a vertical storage solution with complete flexibility. The same technology found in our Lift model, but in a much smaller footprint. Designed to fit warehouses with limited floor space, the Slim boosts productivity, accuracy, and inventory management within a minimal footprint.

Modula Picking Station:

Modula Picking Station is a configurable workstation designed to boost picking efficiency and accuracy in warehouses and distribution centers.

To handle batch or multiple order processes the Picking station keeps everything moving, giving companies a flexible and accurate way to process more orders in less time. Thanks to paperless picking, there are no more order lists to handle. As a result, the picking process is faster and more efficient.

Designed to meet the needs of any warehouse operations, it easily integrates with both manual or automated handling systems like belt conveyors.

Modula Lift and Slim at the 2022 MODEX show in Atlanta

Ferag to Showcase the Modula Slim Automated Solution at Modex 

Ferag specializes in the development of total intralogistics solutions in the areas of production, e-commerce and omnichannel for a wide range of industries as well as for postal and 3PL automation. The Swiss family-owned company, which has been on the market for over 65 years, is also one of the world market leaders in the development, design and distribution of material flow systems for a wide range of industrial applications.

Innovative conveying and sorting solutions for intralogistics are also a consistent and sustainable further development of Ferag processing systems developed for print media production. Software and automation solutions are developed in-house and implemented by Ferag’s own teams. Headquartered in Hinwil/Zurich, the Group is represented in more than 20 countries by its own sales and service companies and employs around 650 people worldwide.

Visit the demo area in booth #B8061 to experience products from the portfolio of the two intralogistics key players live in action and learn more about the pioneering functions and advantages of this new warehouse lift.

Meet Modula at Modex 2024 

Modula’s team of experts will also be happy to discuss your project during the conference. Leverage our 20+ years of proven success in the market and over 25,000 custom AS/RS installations worldwide, to reinvent your storage, inventory management, and fulfillment processes. 

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