Modula officially retires and discontinues the Sintes1 line

Modula Slim and Modula Lift ME replace Sintes1 line

Modula has long been at the forefront of innovation by continuously launching new products that meet ever-evolving client needs. Introduced in 2011, the Sintes1 was designed to suit the needs of small- to medium-sized applications.

Ongoing research and development have led us to add two products to our portfolio: the Modula Slim and a new model of the Modula Lift (Lift ME), which features a narrower tray width.

The range of tray configurations offered by the Slim and the Lift ME cover the widths previously available only with the Sintes models — 51 inches (1,300 mm) for the Sintes1.3 and 67 inches (1,700 mm) for the Sintes1.7. 

Because of the overlap in tray widths due to the introduction of the new models, we have decided to retire the Sintes1.

After-sales Service Support will remain available for all existing Sintes1

No more orders are being taken for this model, but after-sales service support will remain available for all Sintes1 machines currently installed. Spare parts for maintenance and repair will be in stock to serve all our clients.

Looking for a vertical lift module for small- to medium-sized applications?

We invite new customers interested in a vertical lift module for small- to medium-sized applications to discover more about Modula Lift ME and Modula Slim or contact us for a free consultation.

Modula Slim and Modula Lift ME replace Sintes1 line

The Slim model is available in tray widths of 51″, 75″, and 98″ while the new Lift ME has a tray width of 59″ and two available tray depths of 25.7″ and 33.7″.

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