Modula Sintes1: Ideal for storing lightweight items in small spaces

The Sintes1 has been designed for small- to medium- sized applications. It’s perfect for storing and picking items such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals, and tooling. As with all Modula VLMs, the Sintes1 small footprint means more room for other functions with existing space, along with increased productivity, accuracy, and worker safety.

Small, but powerful: Throughput of up to 140 trays an hour

  • Suitable for varying needs: With its range of options, Sintes1 is suited for smaller shops as well as large distribution facilities. Stores more than 27 tons!
  • Internal or external bay: The internal tray design keeps the Sintes1 as compact as possible, reducing floor space requirements. An external bay provides faster picking rates when space allows
  • Single or dual delivery: Sintes1 can accommodate different picking demands, with either a single tray delivery for applications requiring moderate use and dual delivery for those needing faster picking speeds

Available in heights up to 23’4”

  • Choose between two widths: The wider model, the Sintes1.7, is almost 16 inches (400 mm) wider than the Sintes1.3, with identical tray weight capacities
  • Modern appearance: Built with a coated steel internal frame, clad in pre-coated exterior panels for durability and protection
  • Coordinate with the rest of your organization: The Modula Warehouse Management System (WMS) exchanges information with your company’s ERP

A safer, more efficient working environment

  • Reduce the risk of injuries: By eliminating the stress and strain of reaching high and low, Modula VLMs help employees stay safe on the job
  • Improve efficiency and save time: Workers aren’t scrambling around a huge warehouse trying to locate items – they just retrieve what they need from the Sintes1
  • Easy operation with Copilot console: The console simplifies materials management, both in retrieving and replenishing items

Modula Sintes1 customization options

A range of customization options are available for the Modula Sintes1 to customize it for different operations. Your Modula dealer can help you determine which accessories are best for your situation.

Boost your Sintes1 with end-to-end inventory and warehouse management

Modula provides a range of advanced warehouse management and remote support and analytics systems with automated materials handling and complete inventory management, seamlessly integrated with our customer’s choice of ERP or DMS.

Modula WMS Base
Ideal for small or growing warehouse footprints,
free for life with any Modula unit purchase.

Modula WMS Premium
An advanced, end-to-end inventory and warehouse management solution for larger operations.

Modula Sintes1 technical highlights

Unit heights
8’6”–23’4” (2,600–7,100 mm)

Unit height increment
3.94” (100 mm)

Tray storage pitch
1” (25 mm)

Tray width
51″ or 67” (1,300 or 1,700 mm)

Tray depths
25.75” (654 mm) for both models

Maximum tray load capacity
441 lbs (200 kg) for both models

Unit footprint (internal bay)
64.96 or 80.71” W X 93.54” D (1,650 or 2,050 mm W x 2,376 mm D)

Unit footprint (external bay)
64.96 or 80.71” W X 122.09” D (1,650 or 2,050 mm W x 3,101 mm D)

Subaru of New England revs up its parts distribution with Modula VLMs

Case summary

Subaru of New England was moving into a new, larger facility and wanted to update its storage system to address problems of inefficiency, wasted floor space, and ergonomic risks to its workers. By installing nine Modula vertical lift modules, the distributor greatly enhanced throughput, ensuring orders are fulfilled promptly and accurately while reducing floor-space requirements and enhancing conditions for its workers.

Want to improve the performance of your picking and storage operation?

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