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Modula Consignment Inventory

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Modula Next is a valuable solution for consignment inventory scenarios, where suppliers maintain ownership of the inventory until it is utilized by the customer.

It provides precise monitoring and management of inventory levels, usage, and replenishment which is a key aspect of an effective consignment model.

For suppliers, it translates into efficient consignment inventory service, enhancing their value proposition.

Clients, on the other hand, benefit from having the right tools at the right time, without the overhead or large inventories.

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Modula Next consignment inventory scenarios
1. Key Benefits for the Supplier
Get the Best Out of Modula Next
2. Key Benefits for the Clients
Optimize Maintenance Activities
Warehouse Kitting: save space

Real-Time Inventory Management

WMS integration provides immediate insight into client-site part levels, ensuring accurate inventory control.
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Flexibility in Supply Management

Suppliers can easily adjust the type and quantity of items stored based on consumption patterns and customer requirements.
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Controlled Access

Restricted access to the unit and specific items, prevents the cost of inventory mishandling that directly impacts the supplier.
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Cost-Efficient Inventory

Suppliers retain ownership until customer use, aligning production with demand, to reduce overstocking and overproduction risks.
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On-Demand Part Access

Essential parts are available on-demand from Modula Next, minimizing operational interruptions.

Streamlined Maintenance Management

Real-time data allows clients to effectively manage maintenance, avoiding shortages and urgent orders.
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Budget-Friendly Maintenance

The pay-per-use model for parts reduces the need for extensive inventory, making maintenance more cost-effective.

Operational Productivity

Precise inventory results in optimized maintenance activities and improved operational efficiency.

Strong Personal Protective Equipment

Modula NEXT Is A Perfect Solution For The Management Of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

By consolidating all PPE into one accessible location, it ensures that essential safety gear is available, properly managed and secured, and compliant with safety regulations.

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Centralized PPE Storage
Ensures quick access to essential safety gear in one location.

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PPE Quality Maintenance
Extends PPE lifespan by protecting against damage and contamination

Real-time PPE tracking Monitoring
PPE quantities and conditions, for proactive replenishment and maintenance.

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Precision and Safety
Limits access to one item at a time and secures PPE with user authentication devices

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Dispensing Kitted Components

Modula NEXT Significantly Improves the Management of Kits.

Unlike VLMs, it adds a layer of security with access to only one compartment at a time. This ensures the correct kit is picked, crucial to avoid operational delays and downtime.

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Pre-Assembled Kits
Stores and dispenses pre-assembled kits, with all necessary tools and parts.

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Kitting Efficiency
Enhances efficiency, by eliminating the need for workers to collect individual items.

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Configurable Compartments
Adjustable compartments to fit various sizes of kits or items.

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Inventory Optimization
Reduces misplacement risks and prevents shortages.

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Securing Sensitive or High-Value Items

Modula NEXT offers unmatched security for handling high value items

Perfect for handling valuable items in sectors such as jewelry, electronics, pharma and aerospace, where the stakes of inventory management are high. Its sliding shutter doors system restricts access to solely the compartment with the requested item. Modula WMS logs each interaction, ensuring complete accountability and traceability.

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Targeted Access Control
Ensures that only authorized personnel can access specific, high-value items

Enhanced Inventory Security
Minimizes theft or loss risks, protecting valuable inventory.

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Advanced Traceability
Logs every item movement, ensuring full accountability

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Precision in Picking
Guarantees accurate retrieval of high-value items, reducing the risk of costly mistakes.

Modula NEXT for high value items
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