Curious about the return on investing in a Vertical Lift Module?

What’s the ROI on an investment in automated storage and retrieval systems?

Let’s talk dollars and cents. How do you determine the return on investment in a Modula vertical lift module or horizontal carousel? And perhaps more importantly, how long should it take to reach payback on that investment?

It depends on the starting point, which is why we offer a complimentary evaluation based on your circumstances. We’ll look at the financial impact on your operation by saving space (up to 90%), increasing productivity (often 300% or more), reducing picking errors (down to nearly 0), and other factors. 

In general, our automated storage and retrieval systems have an expected payback period of 6 to 18 months. Complete the form below to get an ROI estimate for your operation. In the meantime, this blog post will give you a more detailed answer on the financial calculations involved and why you may be surprised by how much you’ll save and how quickly.