Modula Vertical Lift | How does it work?

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM’s)are highly automated picking and storage devices that maximize unused vertical height in new or existing facilities. The implementation of a VLM results in the recovery of floor space, improved ergonomics, productivity gains, and increased accuracy.

Modula has taken the standard VLM to another level with its advanced picking feature. The advanced picking feature combines Modula’s industry-exclusive external dual delivery picking bay with Modula’s leading-edge laser pointer, a visual laser light guidance technology.

Unlike other VLM technologies that only offer units with internal bay and single delivery levels and simple red dot light generated pointers, Modula’s laser solution pinpoints the SKU by mapping it on an X, Y-axis. The result is an increase in picking rates and higher productivity for operators between tray deliveries. The decreased search times are achieved by highlighting the item’s position across a wide tray first with a red line indicating the correct column and then isolating the exact location with a green dot.

Other benefits of Modula vertical lift Modules comparing to other VLMs manufacturers are:

  • Highest tray load capacities across all tray widths without de-rating
  • Fastest tray cycle times for all units available across the full line of products
  • Wide choice of fully automated operator’s bays
  • Proudly Made in the USA, granting the fastest deliveries in the market for all models and sizes