Modula for the Library Sector

Libraries across the world – from school, academic, public to special libraries- are adjusting to the needs of the 21st century. No longer places that simply loan books, libraries have become full resource centers that must also store digital media, objects, artworks, and photographic collections.

Traditional storage solutions, including static shelving and bookstacks, don’t offer efficient use of the floor space. That’s why many libraries have rethought how to use their space and have implemented automated storage and retrieval systems, like the vertical lift module (VLM).

Automated storage and retrieval systems eliminate the old static aisles, saving up to 90% of floor and archival space within the library. By consolidating the collections in a small footprint, the reclaimed space can be used for classrooms, collaborative seating areas, or for future expansions.

Moreover, thanks to the simple inventory management software and the visual picking aids, the library staff can quickly and easily locate and/or return books, making it possible to request items electronically and pick them up within minutes. This eliminates retrieval errors or inaccurate replacement of books and material after returning.

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