Improve inventory

In the past, keeping documents in order was a problem. Collection lists, shipping documents, bills, receipts… a giant pile of important looking papers sitting in front of you, and no idea what to do with them…

Now everything is inside a tablet and you can find what you are looking for in an instant. So it is with Modula vertical storage solutions.

Large inventory of items can be stored in a minimal footprint bringing items closer to where they are needed. Modula’s VLMs can be easily integrated into any existing local IT system thanks to Modula WMS software. By using the available data to its full potential, Modula WMS offers full traceability and real time inventory, preventing duplicate data and eliminating excessive reporting. The user can monitor stock levels in real time, speed up order execution times for both picking and replenishment operations and have the visibility required to make good inventory decisions and reduce costs.

Your warehouse could be well organized too!