E-Grocery Automation and Cost-Saving Strategies From Across the Pond

MAY 17th – 11:00 am EST

The recent and rapid growth of automation and robotic solutions in the fulfillment industry has changed dramatically since the outbreak of COVID-19. With more than 70% of U.S. households buying groceries online in 2021, E-grocery retailers have found they need to quickly transform and modernize their current distribution process. Navigating through innumerable technology-based solutions, while factoring in scalability, complexity, and price can be overwhelming and costly if the wrong decision is made. Facing the same increased order challenges with even less warehouse and fulfillment space, European E-grocers have rapidly turned to automation to stay competitive now and in the future.

  • Discover in this webinar how Tulips, a European e-grocery pure player, navigated current solutions and chose a proven goods-to-person technology that enabled them to go to market and build a robust e-commerce business.
  • Learn how Modula, a global manufacturer of high-density storage and fulfillment modules, helped Tulips to design a solution that maximized available floor space, increased productivity, reduced energy usage, and guaranteed product integrity and SKU availability.
  • Join an E-grocer and a technology partner as they come together to talk about the partnership, the journey, and the process of designing a world-class fulfillment solution.