Boost order picking accuracy and increase efficiency

Learn how Modula automated storage systems help warehouses improve order picking accuracy and set up efficient order fulfillment processes.

In any manufacturing facility or warehouse, a disorganized picking and storage process can have a huge financial impact in terms of resources needed and inefficiency costs generated to run the day to day operations. Missing parts, a lack of a reliable real-time inventory, picking errors and too much time wasted to locate parts can easily bring high operational costs.

Modula’s automated storage systems ensure you have an accurate, up-to-date view into current inventory so your operators can retrieve exactly what’s needed with the touch of a button. Modula WMS, a full suite of warehouse inventory software, provides an accurate and continuous exchange of information. By using the available data to its full potential, Modula’s software solutions improve order picking accuracy and make it possible to set up efficient fulfillment processes in any warehouse, manufacturing, or distribution center.