Walser Subaru


Walser Subaru, located in Burnsville MN, is a Subaru car dealership and Parts/Service factory that has grown exponentially in the last three years due to their high level of customer service and product offering.

Due to their expanded growth and need for increased storage capacity in their parts facility, Walser Subaru decided to research automated vertical storage solutions that would take advantage of their high ceilings. After reviewing several companies, they decide to purchase two 20’ high Modula VLM – MC25D, as it provided the best solution to their storage needs.

While their main requirement was more floor space, Andrew Kaelberer (Parts Advisor) and his team soon realized the additional benefits of installing a Modula unit in their facility. The item sizes and weights needed in a Subaru parts factory vary from nuts and bolts, to larger mechanical and body part pieces – all of which were easily stored within the 8’ x 3’ trays with a load capacity of 551 lbs. each.
The fully adjustable partitions and dividers within the trays allows storage configurations to be created and adjusted at any time. Another key advantage is the ability to conceal high-valued parts within the enclosed and safe environment of the VLM, and a security feature that limits and traces user access.
Productivity has also greatly increased because the picking times have dramatically decreased as the technicians no longer need to search for the items in inventory. All of the parts can be delivered directly within one or two trays, providing needed parts to the shop mechanics and walk-in customers – all within an arm’s length.

Finally, the control module uses an easy and intuitive interface that interacts directly with the VLM operation and computer. The integration between their Global Dealer Management System (DMS) and Modula WMS software for inventory control was seamless, and enabled the operator to easily map the products’ location and quantity within the tray.

With all of these benefits, Walser Subaru is storing over 75% of all their inventory within the two Modula VLM MC25Ds – a storage capacity of 1,170 ft3 within an overall footprint of 198.76 ft2. Every day, they are adding to that number as they find more ways to increase their storage capacity while decreasing the floor space needed for parts. Modula has truly revolutionized the way they store products, providing them ample room for future growth and success.

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