Walser Reconditioning Center

Walser Reconditioning, located in Eagan MN, is the largest reconditioning facility in the upper Midwest and is renowned for their commitment to quality. Their process involves up to 35 stages that a vehicle must pass before it can be sold on a lot, and their cycle time per car must be under 5 days. Thirteen years ago, Walser made the decision to do reconditioning in one location instead of multiple, which allowed them to create a better standard of vehicle for their customers.

The new reconditioning center had 90,000 sq. feet for production, with only 6,000 sq. feet to store over $800,000 worth of auto parts. Because of the facility’s high ceilings, the General Manager of Walser Reconditioning, Steve Davis, decided to look into automated vertical storage solutions. After reviewing all of the current market options and in keeping with their commitment to quality, they decided to go with Modula ML25D.

This 30’ high unit contains storage up to 2,795 ft2 in a 153 ft2 footprint, with 74 trays and a load capacity of 551 lbs. per tray. The rotation time can be up to 78 trays per hour, enabling the fastest and most streamlined picking times. Not only did the Modula VLM help store over 200,000 parts in a more efficient manner by not taking up as much floor space, but all of the inventory is nicely organized within fully adjustable tray dividers.

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