BMW of Wichita Cuts Space Needs by 85% and Optimizes Auto Parts Warehouse

Case Summary

Dealer turbocharges speed and security, cuts space needs by 85%, and optomizes their auto parts warehouse with Modula VLM

BMW of Wichita is a luxury car dealership in Wichita, Kansas, owned by the Walser Automotive Group. With the opening of a new dealership facility, they needed help with inventory parts organization. After seeing it in action, they purchased a 19-foot tall Modula vertical lift module (VLM) to store 85% of their inventory on the first floor of their parts department. This gave them the room they needed on the shop floor while keeping all of their inventory right at their fingertips.

The Challenge

Inventory parts storage and management needed in one location

Like many auto dealers, BMW of Wichita handles a wide range of parts and components. These are valuable items and are subject to theft. The dealership was storing them on two levels, which made it time-consuming to retrieve them and track inventory. It also wasn’t the best way to put the dealership’s space to use, so it wanted to find a way to properly optimize its auto parts department.

The Solution

One Modula vertical lift module installed on the shop floor to securely and conveniently store all inventory parts

The BMW dealership of Wichita purchased a single 19 foot-tall Modula vertical lift module (VLM) with a storage capacity of 2,966 cubic feet within an overall footprint of 154 square feet. At first, Parts Manager Bob Carlini couldn’t believe that a vertical lift module could solve their space and inventory issues so efficiently. “It’s a no-brainer to have this and save on the expense of the real estate. We needed more space,” he said. “After I saw it, I believed that it could happen. It works!”

The fully adjustable partitions within the VLM trays allowed them to fit all part sizes and shapes conveniently in one location. Another advantage is the security feature that restricts access to certain personnel. This traces user access to ensure high-value items are safely stored and monitored. Modula’s WMS inventory control software was seamlessly integrated into their CDK Global Dealer Management System. This made daily tasks, such as receiving, picking, and putting away products, faster and more accurate.  Additionally, is ensured the parts department team will always have the right parts in stock. The addition of a Modula VLM to their parts department has greatly organized the BMW dealership, optimized their daily operations, all while saving them room on their shop floor. “I’d recommend the Modula to anyone in the Automotive Parts Department business, “says Parts Manager Bob Carlini, “anybody in any kind of field that needs their inventory right at their hands.”

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