BMW of Wichita Optimizes Auto Parts Warehouse

Dealer turbocharges speed and security, cuts space needs by 85%, by optimizing their auto parts warehouse with Modula VLM

BMW of Wichita is a dealership in Wichita, Kansas, owned the Walser Automotive Group.


Like many auto dealers, BMW of Wichita handles a wide range of parts and components. These are valuable items, subject to theft. The dealership was storing them on two levels, which make it time-consuming to retrieve them and to track inventory. It also wasn’t the best way to put the dealership’s space to use, so it wanted to find a way to properly optimize its auto parts warehouse.


BMW of Wichita bought a single 19-foot-tall Modula vertical lift module (VLM) to solve the issues. It was able to store 85% of its inventory in the 40 trays of the VLM. Because the unit is enclosed and allows limited access, security was enhanced and parts protected. It also saved the dealership space and time, helping it keep track of inventory through the computerized storage system.

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