Vision Extrusions Secures Tools, Saves Space with VLMs

Vision Extrusions, based in Woodbridge, Ontario, manufactures over 200 lines of PVC extrusion, used to produce windows in the North American market.


Vision Extrusions needed to find room to store thousands of items without using a large section of its floor space. Because the tools were highly valuable, they also needed a way to keep them secure, inaccessible to unauthorized users. The tools and large and heavy, so retrieving them had to be done in a way that would not harm an employee nor damage the tool. 


The company installed nine Modula VLMs, saving over 30,000 square feet of floor space. With each tray holding up to 1,200 pounds, items such as aluminum blocks, vacuums, calibrators, and steel dies could be stored and accessed within the Modula units and delivered at a safe position.

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