Tulips optimizes its e-grocery order fulfillment with 6 Modula VLMs

Tulips, the first Italian e-grocery pure player, consolidates inventory storage & speeds up e-grocery order fulfillment with vertical storage solutions

Tulips is the first e-grocery pure player in Italy with a true dark store that offers delivery within 3 hours of ordering. The purchase is made only online, with the option of receiving it at home or picking it up at the store.

With the rapid growth of online grocery sales, they needed to find a goods-to-person technology that would enable them to:

  • Consolidate their storage space
  • Create an efficient and accurate picking and replenishment process
  • Optimize their e-grocery order fulfillment to offer fast, error-free orders

Thanks to the implementation of 6 Modula MC 50 D Lift, Tulips has maximized their warehouse storage capacity, reduced travel times for operators, and speeded up e-grocery order fulfillment with a seamless connection to their ERP system.

“Modula technology,” says Enrico Martini CEO of Tulips, “has been integrated perfectly with software that controls all phases: from the e-commerce platform through the entire management of the warehouse. For now, we only store products at room temperature in the Modula units, but we are planning to buy Modula Climate Control units to store fresh products in 2023.”

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