Subaru of New England Increases Storage Efficiency with VLMs

9 Modula Vertical Lift storage modules allow parts distributor to safely and efficiently pick 1,600 lines a day and increase storage efficiency to support 60 regional dealers.

Subaru of New England is the exclusive independent distributor for Subaru cars and parts for the six New England states. After building a 165,000 ft. the state-of-the-art facility they were able to dramatically expand their storage capabilities. Serving over 60 dealers throughout the region, part orders require organized and secure storage space as well as quick and accurate picking capabilities.


Modula was selected to help Subaru of New England to improve their storage and picking operations.


A total of nine VLM units is used to store a wide range of parts. The system is engineered to provide Subaru of New England in excess of 11,000 unique storage locations across the nine Modula units. In total, the system provides 10,228 cu. ft. & 17,722 sq. ft. of storage, all within a system footprint of only 958 sq. ft. Currently, Subaru of New England is able to achieve picking rates in excess of 1,600 lines picked per day. Find out more by clicking on the PDF below.

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