Santé Service

Santé Service is an association which supplies domestic health services, aimed at patient care and support. Its main service is the preparation and dispatch of medicines directly to patients’ homes.


Before installing Modula Vertical Warehouses, Sante Service operators would receive an order, look for the medicines arranged on shelves and pick them manually. This search slowed down the picking process causing various picking errors and delays in dispatching.


Sante Service chose Modula. Modula allowed them to have very quick picking times, reducing the possibility of errors through the automatic and efficient picking of medicines, and also ensuring stock monitoring. Using the radio frequency terminals, orders are sent through and the products are picked automatically. Operators look after picking, checking and counting medicines before placing them inside containers. At this point the containers holding the items are transferred to the various departments on conveyor belts. Sante Service chose a double opposed bay configuration, which allows access to the machine from two distinct positions. In this way, picking and transfer operations can be performed by two operators simultaneously. The Modula Vertical Warehouse allowed them to make the most of the vertical space, storing more than 1000 items in their warehouse.

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