Rotor Clip Improves Inventory Management with VLMs

Case Summary

With two Modula vertical storage solutions, an industrial springs manufacturer is now able to efficiently store all high-value parts and tools and improve inventory management.

Rotor Clip, a New Jersey-based manufacturer of specialized industrial springs, needed additional storage capacity for its high-value parts and tooling and a means of retrieving the items quickly. Due to the value of some of these items, they wanted to ensure that the parts were not accessible by anyone unauthorized to handle them. By installing two Modula VLMs, the company stored more parts in a smaller space, enhanced the efficiency of its operations, and secured items against theft or loss.

Rotor Clip needed additional storage capacity for its parts and tooling and a means of retrieving the items quickly. Due to the value of some of these items, they wanted to ensure that the parts were not accessible by an unauthorized person.

The Challenge

Safeguard expensive equipment and find a more efficient way to retrieve parts and tools needed in the manufacturing process.

With an open warehouse layout, there were two main problems faced by Rotor Clip. Firstly, they had a lack of space to store all their parts on the floor, and secondly, they were unable to secure their expensive equipment and worried about items being stolen. Operationally, it is important to be able to quickly retrieve and use tools as manufacturing processes require them. Just as importantly, the company needs to safeguard their tools, which are expensive and small enough to be removed without detection. And finally, they needed to save storage space while meeting these other needs.

The Solution

Two Modula VLMs to efficiently and safely store in a small footprint all high-value parts and tooling while improving inventory management.

Rotor Clip acquired two VLMs, an MC75 and MA50D, to store their parts more efficiently and retrieve them more quickly. Department Supervisor Tom Dykstra says having the two units helps them track everything on hand and retrieve what is needed quickly. “I’d say it saves us hours each day,” Dykstra says. Moreover, the company has been able to store 2,790 square feet of material in under 161 square feet. Fully adjustable partitions and tray dividers provide flexible storage configurations. High-value parts are concealed within the enclosed VLMs, with security features to limit and trace user access.

Modula allowed us to protect valuable inventory and find it very quickly without taking up needed factory space,” says Rotor Clip Co-President Jonathan Slass. “It is very easy to use. My operators were able to use it the first day. When there were problems, they were able to easily figure out how to solve the problem through the computer screen.”

Service has also been stellar, says Dykstra. “Once we had a piece of equipment fall off the shelf (and get caught inside),” he says. “When we called, we had service within a couple of hours. The problem was solved. We’re really happy.”

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