Orfit Industries

Orfit is a private company and leader in the production of thermoplastic materials aimed primarily at the following sectors: Orthotics, Prosthetics, rehabilitation and radiotherapy solutions.


Orfit is a company with a continuous growth and which has had to cope with an increase in demand. This could no longer be managed manually and there were picking errors to avoid.


To accurately manage their innumerable requirements and optimise the space available, Orfit chose Modula Vertical Warehouses. The picking phase was speeded up thanks to the Laser Pointer which uses a point of light to help the operator identify materials quickly, reducing picking errors and improving accuracy. Before acquiring the vertical warehouse, the number of order lines processed was 40/hour. After installation of the Modula Lift, this increased to 220/hour. To improve storage organisation, the trays were fitted with separators, dividers and tray extensions.

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